What is the SPYRA Electric Water Gun and Why is it So Much Fun?

Do you find nerf guns too boring? Then the SPYRA electric water gun is what you need to try

I think we all had a nerf gun at some point, you probably even know a friend who ever used one of these guns. While most nerf guns have foam tips, it will probably only amuse young children and for children 14 years and older they will start to get boring and of course, for adults, it is even more so. But why not use technology to create a fun product instead of classic nerf guns? Look no further, the electric water gun is one of the most interesting and fun products you can find in the Amazon store.

The electric water gun works in a simple way, you need to reload the gun into a fountain with water and then you can shoot bursts of water that usually have a good range. Something important to keep in mind is that this type of gun is usually designed for children over 14 years old, so a large part of buyers is adults looking to play with their children or friends. The price is also usually high, but the futuristic design and modern features make it totally worth it.

The SPYRA electric water gun is probably one of the most popular brands, they offer a wide variety of designs so you can have fun with your friends. It offers a great performance so you can form a real war with your family and friends. It is easy to use and has a long battery life. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the SPYRA electric water gun

Forget the boring nerf guns, the SPYRA electric water gun is the best way to have fun while you are bored at home. The main feature of this electric water gun is that it can store up to 22 blasts of water, which is a large amount of water, the blasts can be fired incredibly fast, they can reach an effective distance of 33 feet and a maximum of 50 feet (the distance of the gust can be affected by the wind). Did you miss out on shooting? That’s not a problem for the SPYRA water gun, you’ll just need to go to a water fountain for 10 seconds and you’ll have your water gun ready to go on in the war. The battery is also very durable, it can fire a total of 22 bursts for each recharge and more than 2000 bursts on a single charge. You can recharge this electric water gun easily from the charging port.  There are a few things you should keep in mind before using this water gun, only the front of the gun can be submerged in water, enough so that you can recharge it again with water, the age recommended by the manufacturer is 14 years, so it is not recommended for young children and of course,  It will be a lot of fun for adults. You can view the number of shots remaining on the LED screen located on the top of the gun.

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