What The Experts Are Saying About Home Security Systems

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More and more families are being enticed to install Home Security Systems for added security and convenience. Advertisements for various security system products have promising features for surveillance and home protection. These systems have already upgraded from the traditional alarm systems to smart doorbells that allows you to avoid unwanted visitors and lessen the risk of opening your home to strangers. Although their advertisements talk of promising and modern features, here are what the experts are saying about these home security systems:

They are prone to hacking

Security footage hacking is a major risk when installing video capturing security doorbells and cameras. Stueve Siegel and his team have pursued a class-action lawsuit against a company because of their negligence to secure the privacy and protection of their customers leading to threats and even harassment from hackers. This is a major breach of security, thus defying the purpose of installing a home security system for your family.

When your home footages are hacked, violators will also be able to monitor your daily activities posing danger to the lives of everyone in your home. This is not just an invasion of privacy, but too much information stored on smart doorbells and security cameras also increases the likelihood of spying and stalking from hackers.

Heavily relies on your internet connection and speed

Being connected to the wi-fi is a good thing because it allows you to access your security cameras anytime you want, wherever you may be. But what happens when there is a sudden power outage or if the connection speed is intermittent? This will greatly affect your video speed and recording because these modern systems heavily rely on the efficiency of your internet connection. To ensure that your home security system is at optimal performance requires that you also ensure the best connectivity of your internet.

They are expensive

Smart doorbells and other new technologies offer great services at a great expense too. Your monthly bill could increase quickly, especially if they charge a monthly service fee for your security system. Not only is the product expensive, but other features may be pricey as well. Cloud storage is an additional expense on top of the cost of the doorbell itself because of the limited storage you get for free.


Compatibility issues

The installation of these security systems is complex and would often require professional installers to do the job for you. The new system may not even be compatible with your electrical wirings and would require additional expenses just for the installation of replacements that would support the new system. They can also require you to drill holes in your wall for placement or mounting.

Overall, Home Security Systems are a great way to give you peace of mind and added comfort and convenience to your home. But considering the risk and the challenges you will face when you commit to having them requires careful thought and consideration. If it is the welfare of you and your family, it doesn’t hurt to take a second look at these things and carefully weigh your options.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.