Whats Coming Next With REND?

Rend has now been available in early access for two months and the developers at Frostkeep Studios are continuing to make tweaks and improvements based upon community feedback. As we enter the Fall and Winter months, the team has officially revealed the development roadmap for Rend leading into and throughout 2019. Some of the key targets and objectives laid out include:       

  • Comprehensive Combat Improvements
    • Tightens up the gunplay to bring it in line with modern shooters.
    • Enhances the aesthetics of combat, making it feel more impactful.
    • Updates all creatures with new abilities and behaviors to make interacting with them more interesting in and out of combat.
    • Adjusts all biomes to feel more robust and challenging.
  • Streamlined Features
    • Overhauls game aspects such as crafting, storage, and much more with the intent of making Rend more accessible.
    • Introduces a new way for players to store and share resources intended for faction progression: the stronghold warehouse.
    • Adds account-level settings, allowing players’ Ascension Points to no longer be bound to individual official servers.

  • Legendary Artifacts
    • Introduces epic items from Norse mythology, including unique weapons and armor, that can shift the balance of power within a saga.
  • Dynamic Siege Combat
    • Makes raiding faction strongholds a more engaging experience.
    • Adds new siege weapons and tools such as catapults and personnel flingers.
    • Additional siege gameplay including bomb counterplay and delay timer for repairing damaged structures, and damage feedback from Divinity Stones.
    • Communicates faction progress towards win conditions more prominently.via Yggdrasil.
  • Refined Social Mechanics
    • Shifts decision-making power from Elders to the faction through permission requests and voting.
    • Applies force-fields that repel enemy players to faction stronghold doorways, mitigating griefing.
    • Allows players on a faction to form parties and play more cooperatively in PvE and PvP combat.
Jotunn Frost Giant Coming in REND

Read more at https://www.rendgame.com/news/article/rend-developer-letter-fall-2018#xSKlBuFKGcmTrg3F.99


Also, the Frostkeep team is also eager to announce the launch of the Rend Community Isues Trello Board, which will update players of the progress of fixing gameplay bugs, balance issues and more. You can check out the full Road Map at the official Frostkeep Studios website here.

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