Where can you spend Bitcoins?

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Bitcoin is the buzz in the industry, and it continues its adventures being the biggest player. Bitcoin offers amazing and endless advantages as well as opportunities.  Even though bitcoin is trading just under $10k per coin at the time of this article there is still about 175 billion dollars worth of bitcoin in the market according to latest stats at coinmarketcap at the time of this article.

Holding back the Bitcoins without spending it will make it worthless! With the growing demands of Bitcoins, several merchants accept it as a payment mode.

Buying bitcoins is fairly easy with exchanges and sites like Coinbase, but Bitcoins really will only achieve success as a global currency when people spend Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency is entering as a part of day-to-day life, and you have surprising ways of spending Bitcoins. Spending Bitcoin could be a difficult task.

On this page, we bring different ways of spending Bitcoin.

How to spend Bitcoins?

  1. Shakepay

You can transfer the amount to Shakepay and convert it to fiat currency. Shakepay is an online wallet that converts the Bitcoins into Dollars, Pounds, and Euros. Converting the Bitcoin into flat currency as per your specification, you can spend the money for any purpose.

  1. Spendabit

Spendabit is a dedicated search engine which helps the users to browse and find the millions of items that can get purchased with Bitcoins. The search engine will search different E-Commerce platforms and the merchants that accept Bitcoins.

  1. CoinATMRadar

CoinATMRadar will help you to find the Bitcoin ATMs across the world so that you can convert the Bitcoins into flat currency and spend the amount as you like.

  1. Investment in IT services

You can comfortably spend or make investments with Bitcoins on IT services. You can use the Bitcoins for purchasing computer or accessories. You can even make payments for web hosting and domain name purchasing.

  1. Plan travel

If you love to travel or most often require traveling from one place to another, you can spend the Bitcoins for booking flight tickets, or book hotels, etc. You can search for the travel services accepting Bitcoins and spend it in a valuable way.

  1. Make donations

You may contribute the Bitcoins by making donations. Certain charity organizations accept Bitcoins. You can search for such organizations and make charity.

  1. Purchase gift cards

You can spend the Bitcoins purchasing gift cards. You can use the gift cards at the popular stores for making purchases. There are numbers of platforms providing gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins. With the gift cards, you can shop from over 200 retailers that include top brands.

  1. Multiply the Bitcoins with Gambling

If you want to multiply the Bitcoins, gambling could be the best way! If you are lucky enough to win the casino games, try it! Spending the Bitcoins online is probably the easiest way. You can spend your leisure time and enjoy the online casino games. You will find multiple numbers of online casino sites accepting Bitcoins.

There are several other ways of spending Bitcoins apart from the ways mentioned above

Tour of Bitcoin Gambling

Let’s take a further look at Bitcoin Gambling!

  • The online gambling sites accepting Bitcoins are very genuine and ensure high-quality services. But you can’t trust all the sites accepting Bitcoins.
  • You need to perform research on the gambling sites before you start betting!
  • The genuine Bitcoin Gambling sites offer a wide range of gambling activities.
  • The sites offer bonuses and rewards for the gamers.
  • You also need to consider the factor about the websites that accept other traditional banking options along with Bitcoins and the portals that accept only Bitcoins.
  • The Bitcoin Gambling sites offer several slot machine games, popular card games like Poker and Blackjack, several dice games, and many more.
  • You can remain anonymous and perform the online transactions with Bitcoins.
  • You can transact the Bitcoins instantly, and you need not pay any extra fees.

The online Casino industry is the largest that can fuel the growth of spending Bitcoins. If you are lucky enough, you can earn rewards with your fortune.

The list of trusted gambling sites accepting Bitcoins

There are multiple numbers of online casino sites in the virtual marketplace accepting Bitcoins. You need to select the site after performing comprehensive research on the Bitcoin Gambling sites.

  • Space Casino
  • Dasist Casino
  • BetChain
  • CryptoGames
  • Bit Starz
  • 1XBit
  • BitOK
  • Bitplutos

These are few of the online gambling sites accepting Bitcoins.

Last Statement

You have different ways to spend Bitcoins. But be smart enough to make the investments or purchases or spending on Gambling.

Whatever platform you select, you must perform extensive research on the sites before making the transfers as many online frauds may cheat you!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.