Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

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Twitter is the most powerful social website today. Business, celebrities, and just about everyone else are using Twitter. What makes Twitter so great is the ability to notify your followers with 160 characters or less. Promoting products and services is quick and simple. If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog, take Twitter into consideration.

Twitter is a great tool to promote your blog. Use it to notify anyone that is following you on new content on your blog. If they are interested, they will click on a link to visit your blog. People follow you because they want to get notified of something new. By updating your blog often and using Twitter to notify your followers, you should have a good source of traffic. The more followers you have, the more traffic you can expect going to your blog.

When finding people to follow, you will want to find people who are interested in your blog topics. This increase the chances of them visiting your site and following you back. There’s no point of following people who don’t have any interest in your blog.

To find people of your interest, there are a couple ways of doing it.

You can use the many available tools out on the internet. Do a quick search on the internet, and you will be presented with plenty of Twitter tools. One great tool to use is Twollo allows you to search people by interest. Once you log in, add the keywords and phrases you want to find followers for. Within an hour you will start to see your following list increase as well as your followers list. Other ways people grow their Twitter account include paid ads and paying for a 3rd party growth management service.

One thing to remember is to never spam your followers. Spamming is when you twit information that is not relevant to your blogs. For example, notifying your followers to check out your website 20 times a day when there are no updates will annoy them. This is a dangerous tactic and more than likely; your followers will stop following you. People want to see updates on the blog before they visit.

Additionally, here I’d like to share some simple tips to increase the visibility and reach of your twitter profile.

  • Use Twitter Signature

Include your twitter profile link in your email and forums signature. Nowadays it is common to include the link of blog RSS feed and links to various social media profiles in the email signature. You can use an excellent free email signature creating service WiseStamp to create a custom signature for all your email correspondence. This service works well with all popular email services and email desktop clients.

  • Include Twitter Link in Guest Post Author Box

Whenever you guest blog, make sure you include your twitter profile in the author box beside your blog link. It is one of the best ways to drive people to your twitter profile to get the decent number of followers in quick time. Normally, people tend to follow more easily on twitter then subscribing to feed. If the blog on which your guest post is going to appear has the huge following, your twitter followers’ count will inflate much quickly.

  • Use Twitter Widgets and Badges

Instead of displaying a plain text link in your sidebar, use twitter widgets and badges to grab the attention of the visitors. Various social media sites allow the use of custom HTML to enrich the user profile. Take advantage of any such option and use twitter widgets in your various social media accounts to drive people to your twitter profile.

Here are some cool twitter widgets, buttons, and badges:

1. TwitterSALT

2. TweetRoll

3. SayTweet Twitter Badge

4. 181 Free Twitter Buttons, Badges, Widget, and Counters

5. Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget

6. TwitterCard Use Hashtags

Sometimes new Twitter users do not understand the use of hashtags well. They are just like tags in blog used to logically bind the content of a specific topic.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, and you should use it wisely. If you abuse the system, Twitter will ban your account. Follow their guideline and start building your followers slowly. Over time, when you accumulate more followers, driving traffic to your blog will be easy.

About the Author: Carol James is an EssayLab writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and is an excellent specialist in this field. Moreover, Carol writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding the writing, feel free to ask her!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.