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One of my favorite 4X Space Strategy games is Endless Space 2, so I picked up a copy to giveaway to one lucky fan because I like sharing the games I love and building a fanbase for the games as well.  I wrote an article comparing Endless Space 2 to Stellaris and what I loved about both games and how they were different yet so similar in many ways in concept.  Endless Space 2 had more story and more immersion when interacting with other species and more fun exploration of planets with probes and such.  Both are fantastic, but I have probably a more lasting impression of Endless Space 2 and came back to that one more frequently.

So if you enjoy 4X Strategy games like Masters of Orion where you start off as a race and explore, colonize, trade and battle your way through a galaxy you will get a kick out of Endless Space 2.  It has a lot of expansion packs as well and I have all of them, the game is just that good!

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Win a Endless Space 2 Deluxe Edition [PC STEAM KEY]

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