Win a Dual USB External Battery Charger

Recently Everbuying contacted us and wanted to offer a chance for one of the fans to win one of their Dual USB External Battery chargers which are also known as an external battery pack or a power bank.


This power bank also happens to have an LED display that shows you exactly the % of power the device has remaining, instead of just having indicator lights.  With 20,000mAh of battery this one also has among the highest capacities and can charge your tablet 2-3x and smartphone 8+ times on a single charge.

You can read all about the 20,000mAH Dual USB Power Bank details for a list of all the features.

Enter Now to Win the 20,000mAh External Battery

This also makes a great gift for anyone with a mobile device who travels via long car rides or plan rides and you can find the Dual USB Power Bank here.

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