Protect 3 PCs with One Copy of McAfee Total Protection 2014

There is one thing to be said about a total protection software from McAfee and that is that it does try to really cover everything.  Not only does it keep zero day threats at bay, but it scans constantly to keep your system free of malware and Trojans.  The software also includes file and folder encryption, Wireless network protection and has a digital document destroyer to boot.


I usually buy all of my software online from big retailers, but found that actually has McAfee Total Protection 2014 cheaper than Amazon or the other big retailer sites.  So honestly you really have to check them first if you need a McAfee product.  This is particularly true if you live outside the states like in the U.K. which is the default location of the store.

imageNow with Total Protection 2014 as is starting to become common with other software (I wish games would do the same thing) you get licensing for 3 PC’s with your purchase, so you can install and protect 3 machines with the one purchase.  This software also includes McAfee Social Media protection which lets you use shortlinks for social media shares that are safe and can be trusted and verified, unlike tinyurl links which can often lead to scam sites or malware infested sites.

If you have more than 3 PC’s as well, then the Total Access has an unlimited PC license and also includes SafeKey which helps manage all of your passwords and keep them secure so they can be retrieved and entered onto websites.  It also includes smartphone and tablet protection as well.

Even the Windows 8.1 default firewall and antivirus software isn’t comprehensive or adaptive enough to handle constant threats, so an additional PC protection software is still recommended and sure there are a lot of options out there, but fewer have all of the features combined into a single complete product like Total Protection 2014.

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Justin Germino
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