Video Showcasing the Logitech K400

One of the biggest inconveniences you can face when wanting to plug your laptop into a living room PC to stream something to watch from the Internet, or even use the TV as your PC screen is the fact that you still have to have physical access to your laptop in order to makes changes in programming or do things and whether you have a dedicated media center PC or you are using your laptop hooked up to your TV you have a good reason to consider the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard.  This prevents the tether allowing you fully work on your PC from a distance without having to deal with running back and forth to change videos or search for something.

Check out the Video Showcasing the Logitech K400

Now, the K400 has a trackpad built into it so it replaces your mouse and your keyboard in one easy to hold and use device. You can use it to search for your Netflix or Hulu movies that you plan on streaming to your television, just pop in the usb receiver and the K400 works up to 10′ away while you comfortable sit on your couch. This pairs perfectly with a Google Chromecast because with Chromecast you can stream your Chrome browser to the TV and this wireless keyboard lets you leave your PC or laptop over and plugged in streaming without you having to be sitting in front of it. This also serves the same purpose if you are using a Veebeam HD to stream your entire PC screen to a living room TV as well. The K400 is tuned for gesture support so is also compatible with Windows 8 gestures, it operates 1 year off of AA batteries and stands vertical to minimize the space it takes up when not in use too!

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