Win a Free MagicJack

I kicked off a contest on my personal blog The Diary of Justin Germino in which I am giving away the popular MagicJack product to one of my readers. The contest includes the USB device and comes with the first full year of Internet for free, so you can win a years worth of free phone calls to anywhere in the US and Canada. This is actually a pretty good product, and I also did a video review of the MagicJack on the same blog post to show you how it works.

If you are interested all you need to do is mosey on over to the site and leave a comment to enter the contest.

As mentioned in my article, I actually use the MagicJack everyday in my home.  It is my primary home phone line, I replaced my local phone provider with the MagicJack and only have a cell phone provider.  I spend about 6-8 hours per day on my MagicJack for work conference calls and make calls constantly with it to both long distance and toll free numbers.  The device works very well and only occasionally suffers audio artifacts or dropped calls and usually when it does it is related to having cable modem or ISP trouble anyway.

-Dragon Blogger

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