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I just bought 2 copies of Guild Wars 2 for my family (son and I) and this is going to be a fantastic game, how about all of the features of an awesome MMO with no monthly fee?  You pay for the game and you get all the play you want without the recurring monthly membership.

Guild Wars 2 already had millions of people apply for the beta and is one follows one of the best selling games that truly stood it’s ground online years ago.  I am looking forward to it and want to see if my readers want their own chance to win a copy before the game releases on August 28th 2012.

Enter the contest via this widget, share with all your social networks and tell me if you played the original and what your favorite classes were?  I loved the Ranger, but have played as Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer as well much of the time.

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Which class or race interests you most in Guild Wars 2 to try first?

-Dragon Blogger

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