Enter to Win a Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Thanks to Tiktech partnering with Dragon Blogger again which we appreciate so much we are able to bring you a new giveaway this month, and this giveaway is for the popular and well liked Xiaomi Mi Band 5 AMOLED smart band and even better, this giveaway will have 5 winners so 5 people will each receive a prize!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is one of the best current Smart bands out on the market and sports the following features:

Mi Band 5 Internals
  • Large dynamic color-display – Dynamic display with more than 65 dial themes, the display area of the Mi Smart Band 5 is approximately 20% larger than that of Mi Smart Band 4.
  • 11 sports modes – Rowing machine, jump rope, yoga, elliptical
  • 50m water resistance – Wear when showering or swimming or diving!
  • All-new women’s health tracking – Menstrual cycle tracking and notifications
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring – PPG biosensors provide real-time monitoring with heart rate alerts
  • 24-hour sleep monitoring – Rapid eye movement (REM), naps
  • 14-day extra-long battery life – Battery-saver mode for extended battery life
  • Magnetic charging – Removal-free, direct charging

I always wear a fitness watch myself and have reviewed Mi Bands previously thought don’t have the Mi Band 5 currently myself.

Enter to Win a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 provided by Tiktech

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 AMOLED Smart Wristband Giveaway

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Justin Germino
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