Enter to Win a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X Console

The DragonBlogger Holiday giveaway kicks off in 2021 and this year like last year we are bringing you another chance to win one of the latest gaming consoles. So this year you can choose to win the PS5 Disc Edition or the Xbox Series X, or if the winner prefers you can receive $500 via Amazon Gift Card or PayPal as alternate prize value.

In addition, thanks to having our awesome co-sponsors we are also giving away prizes to 10 second place winners and this will be in the form of a $10 Amazon Gift Card (can substitute for PayPal only if you want).

This giveaway is open internationally but the physical console will not be shipped outside the USA, so if you are International your only option is the PayPal as prize value. Also prize delivery will be based on availability of the prize, so winner will be chosen on November 26th and contacted via email and I will try to contact them by whatever social media they entered with in the giveaway as secondary contacts to help ensure they get the notice quickly. Winner has only 48 hours to claim the prize, if prize isn’t claimed within 48 hours then alternate prize winner will be chosen.

Remember to visit and follow our co-sponsors, they all helped make this giveaway possible and the more you show support for our co-sponsors the more giveaways we can keep doing. Let me know in the comments or on Discord what you would choose if you won the giveaway.

Enter to Win a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X Now

2021 Holiday PlayStation 5 Giveaway

For me, the PlayStation 5 controller is amazing and really sets it apart, I did some testing when I first got it and the AstroBoy Playroom game walks you through the cool features which you can watch below.

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