Windows 7 Wireless Internet Tips: Remain Connected When Idle

Do you use wireless internet modem devices often? I do. Hence the problem of maintaining a stable connection while nothing is being downloaded or uploaded, such as when I am reading a blog post or email messages. Idle wireless connections often get broken, so it’s necessary to keep the network busy!

A very simple method to ensure that the wireless connection doesn’t become idle is to repeatedly Ping one or more remote servers. This can be achieved by writing a few simple lines of code in Windows Command Line language. A Batch (.BAT) file and an IP-list file for pinging is all you need!

STEP 1: Create a batch (.BAT) file using Windows Notepad.

Create a text (.TXT) file and paste the following lines:


@echo off


echo Ping test in progress...

for /F %%i in (iplist.txt) do ping -n 1 -a %%i >> result.txt

echo .

echo .

echo Result is ready.Thank you very much.


Save the file using the Save As option, and change file type to “All Files”, entering the name of the file as “Ping.BAT”.

STEP 2: Create a text (.TXT) file with the list of IP addresses to be pinged.

Now in the same folder, create an ordinary text file with IP addresses, one in each new line. You may use “”.

Save the file as “iplist.txt”.

When you are using the wireless internet modem device, just to make sure the connection is unbroken run the Ping.BAT file and keep it open minimized while you browse the web. When you are done using the modem just close the window “Ping.BAT” until the next time you need it. Also, to get rid of the pinging results just delete the “result.txt” file. You may view the file just for fun or to see how the pinging times varied while you were connected.

Let us know whether this technique solved the connectivity issues with your Wireless Internet Modem Device.

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