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Days of waiting to sign regular mails/parcels are long overdue. All thanks to a clutch of new inventions from innovative companies like eufy, the way we receive packages now is about to change forever. With a patent-pending locking system and a wide variety of subscription plans for both individuals and families, Smartdrop gadgets like the new eufy Smart Delivery Box is bringing convenience to those of us who have concerns about parcels being left at our doorsteps.

With gadgets like the new eufy Security Smartdrop and Smart delivery Box, being at home is no longer a requirement for package pick up.

Below are valuable fun trends that have prompted multiple purchases of the eufy Security Smart Delivery box ever since its first market appearance.

1. Waterproof

Built to stand the test of time. The new eufy Security, SmartDrop, and Smart Delivery Box is a smart gadget for every weather.

The weather can be very bad some days. Sometimes it rains a lot and packages get wet because they have no shades over them or recipients are not at home. The new eufy Security Smartdrop is a delivery box built to help your packages stay dry by sending water somewhere else, saving you the headaches of having to worry about your packages while at work, away on vacations, business trips, or getaway parties with friends.

Perfectly sealed and safe. There is no need to rush home from work anymore, cancel a trip, or bother a friend or your neighbor to go help check your packages. The new eufy Security Smart Delivery Box is your agent of shield for any weather.

2. Robust and Tough

Heavy-duty and durable, eufy sees through your financial needs and worries about your packages. Do you desire a delivery box that doesn’t get rusty or force you to spend annually? The new eufy Smartdrop, Smart Delivery Box is a next-gen gadget manufactured to last a long time.

Coated with cold-rolled steel that can’t be corroded by water. This new Smart delivery box is sturdy, built to help you and your relative households hold heavy packages up as many as possible.

3. Easy Installation

Unlike many security gadgets, eufy kept the safety of your parcels in mind.

Weighing around 44lb, with the new eufy Security Smartdrop and Smart delivery Box at your doorstep, the safety of your packages is guaranteed and protected from burglars.

The SmartDrop Box comes with easy-to-install high-end tools provided to help bolt it down sturdily outside your home along with a state-of-the-art security app by eufy intended to help you monitor and gain command over your delivery box while at home or away.

4. Zero Power Issues

The battery lasts all day and night (10,000mAh), so you can get your package whenever it’s convenient for you. Be it nighttime or daytime, when the battery is running low, take it out to charge it, or you can use a plug — a 5.5mm x 2.1mm, 12V DC provided along with the Smartdrop to help you get your gadget on the go and your parcels accessible in one bit.

5. IP65 rated

It is all about you and helping your courier company deliver the best services with ease. The idea and creativity behind the new eufy Security Smartdrop and Smart Delivery Box were intended to help protect your parcels from being damaged.

On getting one of these eufy Smart delivery boxes, you and your relative households can kiss issues of wet or ruined parcels goodbye. The IP65 feature enclosed in the new SmartDrop helps protect your box from water nozzles, waters jet, and weather conditions such as floods.

6. Voice Control

Give commands, and take charge of the activities around your delivery box without having to lift a finger. The AI human detection technology enclosed in the eufy Smartdrop allows you to view the live stream of the activities around your packages through Alexa or Google Assistant without a snap.

7. Realtime Notifications

Stay in touch. Be in the moments and activities around your delivery box, packages, and couriers while at home or away. The new eufy Security Smartdrop and Smart Delivery Box come with huge security perks such as the 1080p HD camera in connection with your eufy security app that allows you to monitor all activities around your Smart delivery box along with real-time notifications as every event unfolds.

This new eufy Smart Delivery Box also comes with a smart recording technology that helps you catch up on every action around your box about every mail/package received.

You can as well while at work, on vacation, or on a business trip have a conversation with your courier regarding your packages, get to know the numbers of packages received, and also keep track of time, dates, and other necessary information.

8. Easy Delivery

While you are away, the eufy Smartdrop provides couriers with easy-to-follow guides on how to find their way around your delivery box.

With the new eufy Smartdrop, deliveries have been made easy and have gotten sweeter and better. Couriers can easily drop off your packages if it is empty by clicking the open button or using a PIN generated by you knowing fully well that your packages are safe and secured.

Other bountiful perks that come with the new eufy Security Smartdrop/Smart delivery Box include a USB Charging Cable, 2x Gas Struts, Battery Pack, and 2x Backup Keys.

You can pick up the eufy SmartDrop Delivery Box and help prevent porch piracy today from Amazon!

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