WonderFox DVD Video Converter Review

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Video converters are pretty easy to come by these days. What is not so easy is to find one with so many features that the task becomes fun. WonderFox DVD Video Convertor is just that, fun and easy all wrapped up in a powerful package. It is also fast, very fast compared to some other converters I have used.

Many a time I have used a program where either there is a long tutorial or no instructions at all to tell you what to do. I have never had one to make the job of using their program so easy as to use arrows and easy to follow step by step instructions on the main software screen to tell you just how to use their program.  The tutorial alone makes this software a cut above the rest.

opening screen
You can convert a video by dragging it onto the screen, you can click the “Add Files” button, you can also download a video, (this would only be if you have the actual URL of the file) or you can load a DVD and convert it.  4 ways to do the initial steps which is amazing.
The next step may require a little bit of thought, but it is also simple and easy. Depending upon the video format that your play back device uses, you can change the format my selecting the down arrow just under “Output Format” on the right side of the screen. This will open a menu with a wide array of options.

video format
For this example, I selected AVI, and once chosen all of the variables are set for you. I know that from my experience, I have found that at times some changes need to be made to the standard settings, so on the lower right side of the screen just above the “Run” button, is “Settings”. This is where you can make some changes to the set up of the video. Keep in mind that if you make the wrong changes here, your video may not play at all when you are done, so only make changes here if you know what you are doing.

The final step is probably the hardest one of them all. Click “Run”.
If you accomplished this step just fine, your video will soon be done, and you will be notified shortly. Once it is done, a pop up window will open asking you if you want to open the output folder. This will give you access to the finished video, and you can put it where you want.
If could not be simpler, or could it?
If you look up at the very top of the software window, there are a pair of glasses. If you hover your mouse over them, they indicate something for us older folks who may need a little extra help. Everything we just spoke about can be done with very large buttons and an even simpler interface.

senior moment
The last feature is one I found by accident. If you have a video on the screen to convert, there is an edit option just to the right side of the place where your awaiting video is located. It says “Edit”. This allows you to make some adjustments to the actual video like rotating the video, flipping it so that left becomes right and right becomes left, or adding a few affects to the video. You can even do a snapshot of a particular frame if you need it.

I can see some very useful functions here, as well as some room to add more, but for now, it is a great start.
What I really love about WonderFox DVD Video Converter is that it does not take hours and hours of time to figure out. I converted my first video in minutes, I also converted 7 videos, all of which were over an hour long, in far less time than it took to convert one file on another video converter. That one fact is very exciting to me, as it means I can get more done without having to wait forever to do it. This program is one I recommend to anyone who has a stack of videos that need to be converted and wants them done fast and with style.
One note, and it is not the fault of this software, but some videos by the very fact of the way they were encoded originally may not convert. I have had this take place with other software programs before so if the source video is some odd format it may have issues.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.