Wondershare PDFelement Review with OCR Scanning

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This is my review of the Wondershare PDFelement software for Windows and the included additional OCR Scanning element which is a separate add-on for Wondershare PDFelement.  PDF readers are a non-issue included by default with most browsers there are many free software titles which can read PDF files.  PDF Editors however are fewer and some PDF editing software can be very expensive if you only casually need to edit/alter or modify PDF files.pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a lower cost alternative to other PDF editing software that also does not skimp on features, and is actually fairly responsive and fast.  Working with PDF files which can be very large can be a slow task, and during my review I found Wondershare PDFelement to be quite easy to navigate, perform well and generally make PDF editing as easy as when I used to use other software.

So when editing PDF files with this software, it is pretty standard in that each paragraph or object becomes a “section” that you manipulate independently.  One issue with this which is common among PDF editors, is when you insert objects like images, they don’t “slide” other content out of the way but merely drop the new element onto wherever you were forcing you to manually re-arrange and drag paragraphs out of the way of an image that is inserted. Example in image below, I inserted an image and it overlayed on top of a paragraph instead of sliding the paragraph below it as it would with a word document editor for example.  Again a fairly common limitation when working with “elements” but it would have been nice to be conflict aware and given you the choice to slide other elements below what you were inserting.


When you have a PDF file, you can use the Wondershare PDFelement to convert it to another format, such as Word, Excel, PPT, ePub, HTML and other formats.  This is a great way to turn that PDF into something that can be easily edited with another document editor too.


A nice feature of Wondershare PDFelement is that you can splice multiple PDF documents or pages together, and even replace 1 PDF page with another PDF file.  This allows you to merge scanned PDF images into an existing document or if you had a mistake in a large multi-page PDF scan, replace only the page that was messed up with a re-scanned version.  This is a big time saver if you scan large documents into PDF format.


You also have access to easily add header and footer information to every single page in the PDF editor.  As well as take a snapshot of the document itself, think of it like a “clipping tool” for specific parts of the PDF document that you may want to highlight or paste somewhere else.


The watermarking feature is also excellent and allows you to use text or image files to watermark your document, with full control over size and transparency as well as rotation, you can even have the watermark be in front of (overlay on top of) text instead of being behind it.


This document was watermarked below with our Dragon Blogger Logo behind all elements for example.


Now Wondershare PDFelement allows has an add-on component for OCR scanning, this is where maybe you scanned a document into PDF but it is just an image really in PDF format, you need to make that text be editable so you can change it.  I tested the OCR conversion tool on some of my wife’s scanned forms for her business, and wanted to see how accurate and easy it was to do.  I should note the OCR Scanning functionality is a separate licensed component and doesn’t come with the PDFElement core software, it is a separate download and install as well that plugs into Wondershare PDFelement.



The OCR tool scanned pretty quickly for a 9 page document, and it worked very well on text, having very few mistakes.  Example paragraphs from a long document below found only a few errors where a capital I got translated to a 1, but other than that there was almost flawless OCR scanning for large paragraphs of text.


When doing surveys, tables and bullets there were some issues however, bullets like the ones in the image below, sometimes got converted to “D’s” even though sometimes the bullets stayed as bullets.  I don’t know why it happened sometimes and not other times, but tables and symbols were more likely to be converted to random letters.


I found the OCR scanning to be better than most of the free OCR online web tools I had used previously and overall there were only a handful of minor corrections that had to be done after the OCR scanning was completed.

All in all I found Wondershare PDFelement to be an excellent PDF editor and it is worthy of a 4 Star Recommended Buy Award from DragonBlogger.com the price is lower than some other PDF editing software and it doesn’t skimp on features, you get digital signing and password protection of documents as well.

The perpetual license is available at $159. However, you should always check for Wondershare Pdfelement Pro discounts to get the best prices.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.