WordPress Plugin: Dashboard Pending Review – Keep Track of Guest Posts

Now that I have opened myself up to being a contributor blog and accepting guest posts from some other bloggers I realized that wordpress by default does not give you an easy way to keep track of who submitted a guest post for review.  You have to manually check your Edit Posts section and weed through to find any contributors who have submitted a post for review and I had forgotten for a few days and was late publishing a few guest posts at first.

A WordPress Plug-in called Dashboard Pending Review solves this problem easily.  Once you install the plug-in you get a new module on your WordPress Dashboard that lists all posts that are Pending Review just like the “Scheduled Post” plug-in shows which posts are scheduled.

This makes it much easier to manage and administrate the various articles and posts that are submitted for review and are up and publishing in the next few days.  I highly recommend this plug-in if you run a contributor blog where you approve posts that are submitted for review manually.  It will help you keep track of submitted posts so you can see them immediately and without having to search or click on extra steps to find them.

-Dragon Blogger

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