WordPress Plugin: Peters Collaboration Emails

It is thanks to one of my writers Persian Poetess that I now have installed the exact type of WordPress I was looking for to assist with notifying blog contributors when their posts are scheduled for publication.

The plugin is Peter’s Collaboration Emails and this plugin works perfectly, just simply install it from the WordPress depot and automatically the author of the post will be notified when you publish the article, schedule it or send it back to draft status.

This plugin also allows administrators or defined site editors to be notified when a new article is sent in for review.  You can just go into the plugin settings and define who you want to setup as moderators to receive email notifications.


You can even define custom groups and add contributors or moderators to those groups.

The format of an email that a contribute receives looks like this:

“Your post has been approved by Justin Germino and is scheduled to be published on 2011-05-11 07:00:45 UTC -7.”

You can read more about Peter’s Collaboration emails from his website and I highly recommend that if you are a multi-author WordPress blog that you take a good look at this plugin.

I am now using this plugin on DragonBlogger.com and it will be a big help for notifying contributors when their articles are scheduled.

-Dragon Blogger

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