Would You Use a GPS Location Device to Track Your Child?

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Every day, the world becomes a little bit different. Unfortunately, it’s almost seems as if we have gotten desensitized to the crime, violence, and abuse that is all around us. That being said, crime as we experience it today has existed throughout human history but it feels as though it is going up in severity and becoming more common. Every parents will have gone through scenarios in which a child is taken away by a kidnapper or other such idiots situations. Thanks to modern technology, however, and particularly the child GPS locator device, it is now possible for parents to put a safeguard in place in the individuality that a child gets lost or comes to some harm.

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Child GPS Locator for Vehicles

A GPS Locator you put in a vehicle for your older teenager or driver has the benefits of being more discreet than installing a mobile phone app on their phone and may be a better balance of privacy vs caution and protection.

Benefits of a Child GPS Locator for Vehicles Are:

  • That you are always aware of your child’s location.
  • That a tracker is very small, meaning it is easy to conceal it on your child without risking them losing it.
  • That it enables you to build trust in your child because as they learn to explore the world around them, you will learn to let go.
  • That you can check whether your child is where they say they are.
  • That your child is not have to get lost when they are in an unknown location.
  • That some of these devices come with what is known as an Amber Alert, meaning that your child can push a button and send you an instant emergency notification should they be in danger.
  • That you can even use the tracker in locations for children often get separated from their parents such as a large convenience store or shopping mall.
  • That you can feel safe if your child is in an amusement park.
  • That’s, once your child has outgrown the need for a tracker, you can use it for other devices as well, such as your vehicle.

Heck in some states Insurance companies are mandating you install tracking devices in your car for keeping your insurance rate down to learn your own driving habits, so these alone could be leveraged as GPS locators since they usually keep a record of driving, time, average speed while driving and more.

Child Tracking in Mobile Phones

This would be for younger kids or really if you want to put your teenager on a monitored lockdown, say they did something and are on parental probation where you will still let them have access but they have to be monitored until they can prove themselves trustworthy.  With schools requiring most homework to be turned in on Google Classroom or other sites, it is hard to have them be completely locked out of using a phone however you can install monitors.

Benefits of a Child Monitoring App

  • Usage Time of Device
  • Location of Device
  • Time of Day Lockdowns
  • App specific lockouts
  • Conversation monitoring
  • Content monitoring
  • Remote lockout/enable
  • Device lost/found with tracking

Now if you have a passive monitoring app only it can be easier to conceal than one that actively controls access based on time of day or remote locking, but you can also usually configure profiles so your child can even be locked down to where they can’t install/uninstall mobile apps or have a very hard time bypassing the device controls itself.

Still, a clever teenager can always find a way around a mobile app monitoring device by rooting the device via USB, turning it off to avoid being monitored and such so be open and transparent with your child and leverage alerts.

So do you monitor your kids via mobile phone app control or GPS location device and would you?  Or do you feel this is a too severe invasion of privacy?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.