Writing Integrity is Still Important for Blogs

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It is bad enough that when reading through sites listed on Google News you can find incorrectly spelled words in the title or meta description of some sites, but even articles shared on Facebook are starting to show poorly worded meta descriptions, titles or misspelled words as well.  The thing is even when corrected often social media sites or aggregators cache the content and so the misspelling or incorrect grammar or syntax is stuck in the shared description of that article forever.  This to me leaves a poor impression of quality and this is especially true of known popular sites where clearly some extra proofreading or editing was needed and missed.

It really doesn’t take that much effort to do a quick online spell check so that you can get a double check on which words may be spelled incorrectly, but if you type a correctly spelled word but it is the wrong word, then an online spell check won’t catch that error which is why you have to spend the extra time proofreading or having someone proofread your article before it publishes.  Using the words “there” instead of “their” when you were supposed to use the correct syntax may seem like a simple issue but it really does hurt the appearance of professionalism.

I find that often you can’t rely on the built in browser spellcheck 100% of the time, often you have to leverage additional online grammar checking sites or spell checking sites to help capture some mistakes the browser plugin can’t capture.  Word is fairly good at finding spelling errors and some grammar syntax errors but even that software can’t replace someone doing a manual read through.  Sometimes you need a 2nd pair of eyes to look over your work as well, when writing a very long article you can become blind or numb to your own writing after a while so it is not uncommon for someone to miss mistakes in their own work, this is especially true if grammar isn’t one of your strengths and having a 2nd pair of eyes can make the difference between having that level of professionalism or letting an article slip with some grammar errors that can do some small impact to the reputation of the author or the site that is publishing the article.

When creating images or infographics, it is especially even more important that you have your spelling and grammar down properly as once the text is set in an image it is more difficult to go back and change it later unless you are working with the source image and have the text on a separate layer than the graphics.  If you are someone who allows guest posting on your website you need to make sure someone is editing and proofreading those articles so that they don’t make the site look bad for hosting them.  Now there is little you can do to control mistakes in commenting, forums or user created content, but the authors and site itself should make every effort to keep the writing looking professional and avoid simple grammar or spelling errors when publishing content online.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.