xTool F1: The Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR Laser

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Can you imagine being able to engrave your designs accurately and quickly on different materials with a portable laser engraver?

If you are a creative person who has always wanted to turn your ideas into amazing designs, then it is very likely that you have ever heard about the laser engraver. This is an amazing product designed for enthusiasts looking to bring all their creative ideas through laser engraving. One of the best reasons to get one of these machines is because they are not only designed to make personal decorations but also to start a small and profitable business. This time I will talk about xTool, a reliable brand that has a community with more than 200,000 users worldwide.

A laser engraver requires an initial investment, so you probably want to get the best quality, so xTool is one of the best brands if you are looking for a reliable laser engraver. They offer high-quality technology, plus you get FREE access to editing software, this means that you can create and edit almost anything and then the laser engraver works on the object you want. Remember most laser engravers can work on different types of materials such as wood, metal, glass, stainless steel, fabric, and more than 200 types of materials, so you are not limited only to working on wooden surfaces.

The xTool F1 portable laser engraver is one of the best options for those who want to get started in this business. It is designed so that people can easily transport it, which makes it ideal to take it to craft fairs, unlike other models that are often too heavy. Best of all, you will not only get a portable laser engraver but also a much faster one compared to other brands. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Video Unboxing the xTool F1

xTool F1 Portable Laser Engraver Features

Printing your ideas and designs on decorative objects is now possible thanks to the amazing xTool F1 portable laser engraver. The main feature of this machine is its incredible performance, this thing can be up to 8 times faster compared to other brands since it can work at speeds of 4000 mm/s. Of course, the fact that this laser engraver has a portable design makes it one of the best ways to take your work anywhere, so you can take it to craft fairs or events where you need to work. No matter if you only use it for personal or commercial use, the xTool F1 offers you the best performance thanks to its ultra-precise laser.

What kind of materials can this portable laser engraver work on? Well, you should know that the xTool F1 is compatible with more than 300 types of materials, so you can work in wood, aluminum, plastic, rock, metal, fabric, and much more. Rest assured that you will get a professional job. This laser engraver is so accurate that it can even work with photos of people and with unique and spectacular precision. The reason why it offers this type of result is because it uses two types of lasers (IR laser + diode) that adapt depending on the material and design. Best of all, a 12-month warranty and personalized customer service are included.

You can buy the xTool F1 portable laser engraver here on their website. Get $80 off when you use coupon code xToolPartner at checkout!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.