You Can Now Play Your Favourite PlayStation 4 Games On Your Linux Desktop

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Those who have a PS4 and their desire is to play from the GNU / Linux desktop, you have to know that it can be done thanks to the Chiaki software. This is possible thanks to the function called Remote Play that includes the device of the Japanese firm.

Until now, Remote Play has allowed remote control of console video games. Unfortunately, officially, only Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems were supported. Therefore, there was no way to do it from a GNU / Linux distribution. But with the arrival of the Chiaki project it is already possible. In fact, with Chiaki you can do it on Linux and other platforms.

If you want to play video games remotely from your PlayStation 4, you will not need a powerful graphics card, RAM memory or a high-performance CPU, nor any type of emulator for titles, since the video game is still running on your PS4. Now, this could be an alternative to how you play your games, and might cause the activity across other sports to go down as per Sportsbet, but it will definitely be an over joyous moment for the PlayStation fans.


Chiaki is an unofficial, open source and free PS4 Remote Play client. It currently works on Windows, Linux, macOS and they also work so it can work on Android soon. And the best of all is that, despite not being official, you do not need to jailbreak or anything like that on your PS4, therefore, you will not break the warranty or risk having problems arising from that practice.

Keep in mind that Chiaki is a very new project, and there is still much to improve, but it already works in a fairly decent way. Little by little they will be implementing new things. What is available at the moment includes:

  • Open Source
  • You do not need jailbreak
  • Unofficial client, but functional for PS4 Remote Play
  • Login with PIN
  • Full screen mode by pressing F11
  • You can disable the console from it
  • Streaming games with 1080p resolution for PS4 Pro users and 720p for PS4 users. The rate may vary from 60 to 30 FPS.
  • Soon it will include support for Android, management control, support for the touch panel, configurations of configurable keys, and more.


You can download Chiaki from the official GitHub site, you can easily run it for use, as it comes packaged in a universal AppImage binary. You just need to make it executable by right clicking on it, Properties, Permissions and allowing execution (or from the method by the shell with chmod).

Now you can double click on AppImage of Chiaki to run it. It is possible that in some desktop environments that is not possible and you have to launch it from the terminal, but that will not affect most users with the most popular environments.

You should know that you have to be connected to the same LAN as your PS4, so it can work. You will have to register your PS4 the first time you log in to Chiaki, the rest of the time that will no longer be necessary. For that you must enter your user ID and PSN PIN. Remember that the pin can be obtained from the PS4 configuration, in the Remote Play Connection Settings option.

Once registered, if your PS4 console is active and with a video game running, you will only have to double-click on the console icon that appears in the Chiaki window you just configured. And the game will start to be seen and you can control it with a controller connected to your device via USB 

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.