Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Recording videos on your smartphone is becoming so normal it is actually replacing regular camera and video camera usage.  Even movie directors are starting to shoot entire films on the latest iPhone models and the camera on the Google Pixel 2 and latest Samsung Galaxy Camera’s are spectacular.  However one thing you will want to use is either a stable tripod or a handheld Gimbal Stabilizer or else you will end up with shaky video if you are just holding your phone yourself.  Even if you are as still as can be you can have slight shakiness to your video if you aren’t using a stabilizer, and something like the Zhiyun 3-Axis Stabilizier is a low cost way to ensure your video is extremely stable even if you have to hold your camera above your head for the best angle.

This mobile phone camera stabilizer also comes in 4 different colors and the built-in 26650 Li-ion battery of Smooth-Q enables 12-hour continuous ultra-long work time.

According to the brand, compared with other gimbals of Smooth series, its motor performance and response rate is 40% and 30% improved respectively and at 50g the gimbal body is lighter than OSMO Mobile gimbal.  The USB port at the bottom supports 5V/2000mA power output, you can charge your phone while shooting. More than that, plug-in soft lights and other extended accessories are available as well. The Zhiyun Smooth-Q has buttons to Photo/Record, Zoom In/Out and Get Rear Camera/Selfie Mode Transferred.

With the app that pairs with the gimbal called APP-ZY PLAY APP this gimbal stabilizer also supports Auto-Tracking, Time-Lapse and Filter Options so you can get the best video shots.

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