100+ Free Fax Cover Sheet Template for CocoFax Online Fax Service

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What is a document without fine presentation? If your final document is disoriented or not well organized, the context of your document loses its attractiveness. This applies to every format of professional working.

There is a reason why cover letters are made attractive. They add value to the content. In a similar manner, all official communication in all formats is made to look appealing and organized. This applies to every form and format of business communication.

Cloud faxing or online fax facilities like Cocofax have come forward as a very reliable method of business communication. Professionalism of conduct increases the viability and trust in a business manifold.

As faxes continue to be a prominent solution for home office communication, their structure is paramount for efficiency in conduct. This is where a fax cover sheet comes into play.

What are Fax Cover Sheets

A fax cover sheet is a sheet that is placed as an initial cover page before the actual fax message. It is a sheet that contains all the essential information about the below mentioned vital details:

The sender

The recipient

Date of the fax document

Subject of the fax document

Other relevant details

Contents of a fax cover sheet

While the contents of the fax cover sheets are as mentioned above, a well designed fax cover sheet contains the following information:

1) Letter Head

Letter head comprises of the vital details of your company (the sender). It adds flair of professionalism and authenticity to the communication. The standard letter head contains the company’s full name, registered address, logo, official phone number, official email ID, fax number, etc.

2) Sender and Recipient Information

The sender and recipient information is very vital information as it determines who should actually view the message. This information is crucial so that no unintended recipient accesses the information.

Most information sent through fax is confidential and crucial. Therefore, the risk of ambiguity of the sender and recipient must be avoided. As fax machine would be accessible by multiple people in an organization, clarity of sender and recipient ensures protection of information.

3) Call to Action

This part of the fax cover sheet states the way of proceeding with the fax. It is essential for the recipients of the fax to know how they should proceed with the fax message. There should be clarity on what is expected out of the recipient- whether to review the message, comment on it, or confirm?

The call to action part is important as it serves a purpose for the fax. The recipient would know how to go about the message. Lack of purpose can cause unnecessary delays in responses and operations.

4) Subject

Subject of the fax message gives clarity on the fax. It is a very crisp and precise crux of what the fax message is about. The subject is essential as it lays an emphasis on the importance or urgency of the message and also provides an insight into the subject.

5) Comments

This can be a supplementary part of the fax cover sheet. Any other important fact about the message that didn’t fit into any of the bold criteria can find its way in the comment. Any specific information or relevant detail can be inserted in this section.

Why do you need a fax cover sheet

Fax cover sheets are immensely relevant in business communication. Though it might seem like an additional paper accompanying your fax document, it somehow sets the tone for the real fax document.

Below are some of the main functions rendered by the fax cover sheets:


The layout of the fax cover sheets makes a lot of difference in perception of the sender by the recipient. If a cover sheet is well organized and articulated, it ensures that a good subliminal message of professionalism is sent along with the fax message.

It is also a business and professional etiquette to ensure that a fax message is properly structured vide a cover message. Direct display of message is like sending an envelope-less post. If you want the message to be well received, fax cover sheet is an essential component.

Protection of the Core message

With the details of the sender and the recipient stated on top of the core message, it is ensured that no unintended user can see the message. It is the initial attempt at the message being seen by the target recipient.

Relevant Display

With the display of the confidentiality clause at the very front, the criticality of the message is well understood by the recipient. The integrity of the document is protected with essential display of confidentiality.

Cocofax Provides 100+ fax cover sheets

If making the perfect fax cover sheet is a process that seems too bewildering, Cocofax is your answer to an array of well drafted and nicely structured fax cover sheets. Cocofax has a library of fax cover sheet templates of over 100+ fax cover sheets.

So, if you root your faxes through Cocofax, your fax cover sheets will definitely be their impressive best. They will be professional and invigorative towards the core fax message. The library of Cocofax cover sheets have been created by designers excelling in the art of business communique.

Thus, getting registered with Cocofax does not just ensure that your faxes are prompt and efficiently sent and received online. It means that you also garner an access to the amazing library of fax cover sheets helping you cast the perfect impression on the receiver.


It must now be evident how important and viable a fax cover sheet is. It is almost like an enveloped message. Protecting the cruciality of the message and not leaving it out in the open for public viewing is an important corporate practice.

Also, meticulous fax service providers like Cocofax ensure that the fax also casts an impression along with sending off the message. Professionalism is the basis of corporate functioning. Fax cover sheets resonate that official confidence in addition to protecting the integrity.

Your reliability is judged on how you’re dressed. Fax cover sheets are the dressing up equivalents of fax messages. Just try the plethora of fax cover sheet drafts provided by Cocofax and you would see the difference in your business perception.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.