15 Diablo 3 Desktop Wallpapers

With the release of Diablo 3 on pre-order from Amazon.com I scoured and brought 15 of the best Diablo 3 wallpapers that I can find on the web and consolidated them into one place.  Diablo 3 has no release date that I could find yet but if Amazon is already taking pre-orders I bet it will be released within the next six months or less. Pre-order your copy of Diablo 3 today and be among the first to receive and get the game. You can also pick up a copy of Diablo 2 for ridiculously cheap if you haven’t played it or just want to have some nostalgia fun.

Here are the Diablo 3 Wallpapers in various desktop sizes from 1024×768 to 1920×1200, click on the image to load the larger full desktop size for download.


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