How to Embed YouTube Video into your WordPress Post

I put together a video demonstration on how to find and use the embed code from YouTube and insert it into your WordPress blog. This includes testing the video dimensions to make sure it fits inside your WordPress post area and some SEO tips to make sure your post is optimized before publishing it.

Though this is very much WordPress 101 or basics, I am surprised at how many people embed video’s only for me to see that the video itself is wider than the post area and horribly expands into the sidebar obliterating the cosmetic quality of the website. I also have known a few people recently who have had trouble figuring out how to embed video into a WordPress blog and after two attempts, I decided to put together a basic tutorial that I can just send them to watch.

Here is my tutorial on how to embed YouTube Video in a WordPress Post:

By the way, I recommend you do not use a WordPress plugin to translate a YouTube video URL into a player as these can take system resources away from your website as the PHP plugin has to do the work to translate, if it is happening on many of your blog posts at the same time this can lower the throughput and performance of your blog. I always use manual embed code where I can, what I really want to figure out how to do when I have time is when they hit the play button a little Ajax window opens expanding a larger version of the video over the site more gracefully. I am not proficient in Ajax however and haven’t found the time to research how to do this. It also requires some javascript probably to trigger an “onclick” and some mobile browsers still don’t support Javascript so there is a disadvantage to doing this as well.

-Dragon Blogger

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