15 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketers

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For each aspect of the work of the marketing department, dozens of tools exist nowadays. In this article, we will talk about the best apps with which any member of your marketing team will be able to increase their work efficiency. Here is a list of 15 of the best tools to improve work efficiency.

Mobile Apps for Marketers: The Must-Have List to Manage Projects Efficiently

The hardest thing should be to assemble a team of people with the right skills, and not to think at all how to organize their work. The bad news is that they face this problem more often than one might suppose. With the right apps, you can solve the problem of low efficiency and achieve excellent results.

Involver AMP

An experienced marketer thinks not only about selling his products but also about determining the right target audience. Involver AMP allows you to get the necessary information about groups on social networks that are interested in your brand.


Sometimes it is challenging to coordinate all aspects of the transaction when you work with many clients. ImnicaMail copes with such a problem at a time. With it, the marketer gets the opportunity to group contacts, create conferences and mailing lists.


Your newsletters are always at hand – install MailChimp on your phone or tablet and manage contact lists and mailings of any complexity. All tasks for e-mail marketing for the day can be solved on the way to the office or at breakfast. Conveniently, isn’t it?


In order to try your luck in marketing and choose the right strategy, a free Marketissimo application was distributed on the Web. Its essence is that the system asks the user questions, the answers to which will help you improve your communication skills.


The application allows you to set reminders for yourself, save important information from the Internet, and also makes it possible to synchronize with the computers and phones of your colleagues. Evernote is the best solution for a small creative team that keeps in touch with each other.


Hootsuite supports collaboration with their accounts on social networks. You can create multiple users and multiple profiles for all brands or products of the company. Hootsuite even sends analytic reports to track success on social networks.  You can use Hootsuite to send messages to Instagram as well if you have an Instagram business profile which allows you to upload images and post to your Instagram from your Windows desktop.  They even have detection and image editing/resizing tools to make sure the image meets the ratio requirement of Instagram pics that allow you to modify images on the fly before you post them.


It all starts with a task. Plan your tasks, organize and control the status of their implementation, creating target lists and task cards. The application can be used both as a personal assistant and as a platform for managing the team.


This app allows you to plan and conduct online marketing campaigns in the workspace in real-time. Processing inbound requests, task distribution, and tracking. With Wrike, you can cope with multiple tasks in the workspace in real-time.

IBM Watson Marketing

This tool, formerly called Silverpop, is a digital marketing platform that integrates marketing automation, social networks, email, and more. It allows you to communicate with potential customers on multiple platforms.


How about a free app on your mobile phone or computer that helps you collect followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks? Crowdfire offers tools to help you grow your audience in a completely legal way.


A fascinating and useful tool that synchronizes and helps manage a global list of your contacts. Nimble collects information from the phone, mail, and all social networks, forming and expanding a unique database of contacts.

Content Insight

The content analysis tool in Content Insight will help you create a complete selection of existing content along with analytics data. Thanks to it, it will be easier for you to organize and repurpose content.


A text with a bunch of mistakes is a sign of a blatant lack of professionalism. Grammarly catches ten times more errors than a regular word processor.


The ability to schedule content publishing for various media platforms in a straightforward system is the basis of success in social networks, and Buffer was created just for this.


Modern marketers cannot perform well without the ability to edit the image format and immediately use them on a specific social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. Not to mention adding text, various effects, or graphics. Snappa will help to cope with all these tasks.


We hope that this selection will help you in your work.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.