2017 Best Gadgets for College

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

When you’re in college, technology can make your life so much better. Whether you need to get organized or just want to kick back and relax, technology is there to help.


1. DBPOWER Mini Projector

TV’s are great, but what if you could just project what you’re watching anywhere you go? That’s what the DBPOWER projector does. So no matter where you are, you can put what you’re watching up on a wall.

In college, it’s common to be studying somewhere else or going into another room, but not everyone has the same TV or streaming service. You can connect your smartphone, iPad, or laptop to the projector (just make sure you have the right connecting cord).


  • Watch what you want, where you want
  • 3-year warranty
  • 50% brighter than an ordinary led projector
  • Built-in cooling system
  • Connects to a lot of devices

2. TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Headphones

If there’s one thing most college campuses have in common, it’s that they’re noisy. Being able to cancel out the noise and have some peace is incredibly important, especially when it comes to doing schoolwork. The TaoTronics noise canceling headphones completely block out sound while also giving you the option of hitting a button and being able to hear sounds around you again.

Noise canceling headphones can help block out parties, people playing their music too loud, neighbors, or any other loud sounds.


  • Noise canceling sounds built-in
  • Lightweight
  • 15 hours of noise cancelation
  • Has a built-in MEMS noice canceling microphone so everyone can hear you no matter where you are
  • Aluminum build

3. Bodyguard Laptop Lock

The Bodyguard laptop combination lock will keep your expensive laptop safe. On college campus’, laptops are one of the most common items that are stolen. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you with this laptop lock.

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re focusing on school is having something stolen. Plus, you probably have most of your assignments on it, so it would be horrible to have that happen.


  • 6.2 foot cable
  • 4 dial combination that you personally set
  • Compatible with most notebooks, laptops, desktops, projectors, TV’s and others
  • Sturdy

4. EC Technology External Battery

Being out in the world with a dead phone battery is not easy to deal with, especially if an emergency popped up. The EC Technology external battery can hold multiple charges within its small frame so you can keep charging and have a full battery on the go.

This battery also has an AUTO IC system which can detect the charging level needed for the attached device. It’s also small enough to keep in your pocket and carry wherever you go.


  • Works with any device that uses USB charging
  • Can charge the iPhone 6S almost 7.3 full times
  • Has 3 USB output ports
  • Can charge multiple devices at the same time

5. Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

This Moleskine notebook uses your smartphone or tablet to create a digital copy of your notebook. There are also Smart Stickers to create something searchable when you scan it in.

This edition fits in the palm of your hand, so it can be easy for notes on the go. There are also bigger editions if that’s something you need.


  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Includes 3 months of Evernote Premium
  • Makes your handwritten content more accessible and searchable
  • Search your notes by keyword, tag, or just browse

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.