Enter to Win a 2ExtremeGaming UNIT 01 Gaming Mouse Perfect for PUBG

If you are looking for a light weight honeycomb mouse that is ideal for FPS games like PUBG, Fortnite and the like then you you will likely really be fond of the UNIT 01 gaming mouse from 2Extreme Gaming, and though the model name may be a bit unoriginal the mouse certainly has a tremendous amount of features and one of the best macro recording software and options I have ever seen in mouse software.  Just check out my review of the 2Extreme Honey Comb mouse and know you can enter to win one of these at the bottom of this post.

The Unit 01 RGB Honeycomb gaming mouse from 2Extreme is a very well designed light gaming mouse with excellent RGB color options. This mouse has among the best software and macro recording I have seen in a gaming mouse and is one of the few mice macro software that can do left click in the macro itself as well.

Enter to Win the UNIT-01 from 2Extreme Gaming Now Now
2Extreme Gaming UNIT-01 Pro Gaming Mouse Giveaway

*Disclaimer: This prize will only be shipped to a USA address and no substitutions available. If you want to enter from outside the USA, then you need to use a service like MyUS which provides you with a USA shipping address to receive the prize and forward it on to your location.

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