3 New Ways to Write Your Blog Content Profitable

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A number of people have turned to blogging as means of making ends meet. However, very few have been able to succeed down this path, and as a result of lack of skill but a lack of understanding of basic stuff that could easily have catapulted them to the top. Professional bloggers who’ve managed to turn this passion into a money-making enterprise all agree on one thing, a lot of commitment and effort is needed. Anyone with access to a laptop and the Internet can write for a blog or create their own blog, but the quality of the content is what will determine if they’ll succeed as legitimate bloggers.

It’s understandable that with the increasing number of graduates and no jobs to accommodate them that majority have turned to the internet to generate income. This means that blogging isn’t without its share of competition. Every second of each day, new content is being posted online globally. Every professional blogger has made it their personal mission to put up material that will draw audiences and have them stay relevant, basically stand out from the rest of the crowd. Being unique from the rest automatically lands you more income!

There are a number of ways that any blogger out-there can transform their blog content to be more profitable for them. These ideas are centered on three main things: Content, the website itself and your audience. You’ll need to tailor your blog in a manner that satisfies the requirements by these 3. We have identified 3 new ways that one can make their blog content profitable, check below.

  • Blog Content

When it comes to blogging, content is everything. Yes, whatever material you post is what determines your level of success. There is a perfectly good reason why bloggers put a lot of time into content before publishing it online. They have understood the value of content and want to capitalize on it. How does one make their content have value, attract audiences and make their blog stand-out? Here’s how:

Finding the Right Niche

Right is relative in this case. Whatever is right for one blogger may be totally wrong for another. A number of bloggers have fallen into the trap of writing material that they do not have a complete understanding of while others write on topics that they really don’t have a passion for. Recent studies have shown that the most successful bloggers are those that focus on topics that they have a passion for and have an understanding on. The “right” niche simply means focusing on topics that one fancies.

Yes, some topics tend to attract more readers than others, but they may not be the right fit for you, which means you’ll not write as well as someone who’s passionate. As boring as you may perceive your niche to be, the manner in which you write the content may just be what draws audiences. It becomes less boring and this eventually turns to profit for you.

  • Originality

Professional bloggers cherish originality, and so does your audience. Originality goes hand in hand with credibility and legitimacy. Credible blogs enjoy more profits as compared to the ones that aren’t. When you post original content, you get attention from not only readers but also sponsors and those interested in advertising on your blog. With an increasing number of bloggers, a new crop of “fake” bloggers are on the rise – people don’t want to be associated with such characters. Original blog content is quite frankly worth a lot.

  • Focus On Quality and Not Quantity

Long posts are neither easy to write, nor are they easy to read. They are time-consuming for both the author and the reader. However, they are still of value to both parties and cannot be done away with altogether. Every successful blog posts such content regularly to keep on attracting and maintaining their audience.

It’s not easy having such posts on a regular basis. The quality may not be up to par plus spicing up things is necessary for any site to keep audiences, generate more traffic and make more money. This means that bloggers need to be posting other material such as videos and infographics. It’s less content but more value, and audiences love it.

  • List Your Content

Other than keeping audiences happy, blogs also want to generate as much traffic as possible. One way of doing so is by having “list content”, examples:

3 New Ways of ….

5 Tools to …..

Such list articles have been proven to generate more traffic. Audiences are more attracted to such kind of articles. They prefer articles that they can quickly scan through and be able to grasp a thing or two.

  1. The Website

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Just like content, the appearance of the website has the ability to make your blog profitable or not. Having the best content isn’t enough to attract audiences. Presentation of the article is crucial. The best of bloggers spend time on working out the best possible themes, turning popular content more profitable by making it more pronounced and through linking the most profitable content on the website homepage. Using Google Analytics can help you, as a blogger, to identify popular content.

Your homepage may not be popular, however, you may have other profitable pages which are more popular. You can post topics and their links on profitable pages. Social media sites have also become great platforms for bloggers to market their content. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are among a long list of platforms bloggers use to direct audiences to their websites.

Building an awesome website is a great way of drawing audiences and making your blog more profitable. To keep a website running, it’s vital that content is posted regularly. It can be a bit hectic but with proper organization, one can schedule to be posting content regularly. Professional bloggers have become masters of time management because of the need to have content ready at all times. At times, you can have more than one article ready, you don’t have to post them all at a go. Bloggers instead schedule to post articles at different times.

  1. Audiences

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Understanding that your audience is at the center of your blog is a crucial aspect that one needs to put into consideration. Asking yourself questions such as: why? And who is your target audience? is important in this process. Yes, you started out blogging as passion, but one that serves a single purpose, keeping your audience informed and entertained at the same time. Among the attributes of a successful blog is the ability to draw audiences. A bigger audience means more traffic, which translates to more income. You, therefore, need to post high quality blog content that will attract a bigger audience.

Write and post content that’s of quality, blog content that will inform while at the same time be entertaining to your readers. Write topics that are likely to attract readers and on unique content not posted elsewhere else. Example of a good topic would sound like this “how to write a book report”. How to” topics are trending amongst others.


Blogging is one of those jobs that’s fun and enjoyable to do while at the same time pays quite well, though the paying part only works if one knows how to make it profitable. Most people start blogging as a hobby while for some it’s a part-time gig. Whatever your reasons for starting out are, it may just be the best thing to ever happen to you. This is only possible if you focus on turning it into a destination for a most online visitors.

If you work on the quality of the content posted, the website appearance and strategies to get a bigger audience, you can easily transform your blog content to be more profitable. Working on these 3 areas drives bloggers to success which implies increased income for them. Blog content can be profitable when a blogger post material that draws audiences that include sponsors, advertisers, and readers alike.

There are a lot of other different ways that have worked for different bloggers. Share with us some tips on what worked out for you in turning your blog content to be profitable.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.