Download Destiny 2 Wallpapers in 4k

Destiny 2 is out on console and soon to be out on PC and to mark the occasion you can download and use one of the Destiny 2 wallpapers that will work in 4k desktops or simply scale it down to a Destiny 2 1080p wallpaper if needed by opening the image up and putting it into any free paint program and re-sizing it.  Or use PIXResizer and simply resize the Destiny 2 Windows wallpaper as well as this is a great freeware program to perform image resizes.

Just right click on the Destiny 2 wallpaper you want below and click “Save Link As” in order to save the full size image to your computer.  In case you wanted all of the Destiny 2 wallpaper images for Windows listed below I put a zip file at the end of the article where you can download the entire set.

Which is your favorite Destiny 2 wallpaper image?  Do you use of these as your Destiny 2 desktop image?

Download the Destiny 2 Wallpaper Zip pack


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