4 Reasons Mobile Gamers Love the iPhone 7

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Gaming has evolved, just like everything else tech-related. These days we don’t need a PC or game console to engage in exciting, challenging, graphics-intense game play. However, many people feel that smartphones aren’t mighty enough for serious gamers. With an iPhone, we always have our games with us, ready to play whenever we have spare time. For this, along with many other reasons, the iPhone 7 is worth consideration for gamers.

Fast Processor


Image via Flickr by Brian MitchL

The Apple iPhone 7’s A10 processor was a big improvement over the A9 in the iPhone 6, and according to reviewers, leaves the rival Samsung Galaxy S7 and Intel smartphones in the dust. It’s the first quad-core system on a chip produced by Apple, and Apple states that it offers a 40 percent greater CPU performance and 50 percent greater performance on graphics processing than the A9. It’s obvious what a faster CPU and graphics processor means for gaming — less lag time, and better visuals.

With the iPhone 7’s super speed, the last thing you want is a laggy performance from a slow data network. According to a recent report by OpenSignal, T-Mobile now beats AT&T and Verizon as the fastest network. Using the iPhone 7 on T-Mobile’s lightning-speed network is sure to give you the edge in any multi-user gaming experience, and make single-user games even more fun than ever.

Screen Resolution

With a great graphics performance, you need an exceptional screen to go along with it. The iPhone 7 offers a 4.7-inch screen, which is the same as the iPhone 6. Upgrade to the 7 plus, and you’ll get a 5.5-inch screen. Both have the Retina HD display, which means it has a 1,334 x 750-pixel resolution for a 326 PPI pixel density. This results in crisper text and graphics, along with smoother movement in videos and animation. Any gamer is sure to appreciate that feature.

Selection of Game Apps


Image via Flickr by Rich B-S

There’s no question that Apple iPhones have a larger library of apps available from the App Store than you can get for an Android. The games continue to roll out and improve, and with the iPhone 7’s responsive touch screen, they’re a pleasure to play. iOS games include puzzles and word games, trivia challenges, action and adventure, card and board games, casino games, sports and racing, family games and educational games for children. You can also find plenty of the RPG games serious gamers find so addictive.

The graphics-intensive “Rules of Survival” runs smoothly on the iPhone 7, as does “HearthStone,” which is based on Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft.” Sports fans will enjoy “Madden NFL Mobile,” which has been upgraded to include player levels and tournaments. “NBA 2K18” is a slick app-based game to entertain basketball fans.

“Monument Valley 2” is among the most popular games for those who enjoy the challenge of puzzles. “The Room: Old Sins” provides an immersive puzzle experience wrapped in a mystery tale. Aspiring city builders will enjoy “Suburbia,” which is a tile-based game that can be a single-player experience or run against an AI. If you’re into RPG, you can’t miss “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition,” which offers the same complexity and combat features you’ll find in game-console versions without the processor-intensive photorealistic graphics.

Many of these app-based games are free downloads; some have in-game purchase opportunities. Others have price tags. If you simply enjoy trying out a variety of games, we recommend downloading Apps Gone Free, which offers a daily free selection of apps that usually cost money to download.

Lower Price Point

Although some gamers are willing to spend serious bank on their gaming systems and applications, others need to find the best bang for their buck. Since the iPhone 7 isn’t the newest iPhone on the market, you’ll be able to get your hands on one for a substantially lower price than the 8 or X. T-Mobile frequently runs special offers, including discounted phones with a service plan or convenient financing.

While you have a lot of alternatives when it comes to mobile gaming, the iPhone 7 is considered a solid gaming machine. With its combination of performance, graphics, screen quality, price, and available games, it’s one of the best options you can choose on the market today.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.