4 Technology-Based Solutions That Help Prevent A Fire From Starting

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Traditional ways in which a fire can be prevented from starting have many flaws which can endanger you, your family, and your home or an apartment you are renting out. Here are some of the technology-based solutions to help you out.

Smart batteries

A great alternative to a somewhat reliable solution of smoke detectors is to use smart batteries instead of the regular ones. This might look confusing at a first glance, but it’s very straightforward. The fault with regular batteries is that you can’t know if they’re all used up. This leaves you at risk for not even detecting any smoke. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, replace them with smart batteries, which are also a very inexpensive alternative. Rather than making a beeping noise when the smoke has been detected, the smart batteries send notifications to your phone, which is especially useful if you are not at home.

Smart heat and smoke detectors

An even better option than smart batteries in old smoke detectors is a smart heat and smoke detector. Smart heat and smoke detectors send notifications to your smartphone when they sense either one or both of them. Advanced alarm systems that have been certified by many international standards have been specially developed to provide a simple, quick, and safe method of communicating fires in environments like construction sites. Selling and leasing information for these wireless alarm systems can be found at https://mobilevideoguard.com/temporary-fire-protection/. Bottom line is, your construction site or your apartment will be monitored and kept safe when there is nobody on-site, in the most reliable way possible.

Smart stove tops

One of the most common ways a house fire occurs is because people forget themselves and leave things on the stove while it is still on, or people usually forget to turn the stove off after they’ve finished cooking. If the stove top catches fire, it can easily spread to the rest of the apartment. This is where smart stove tops come into play. They have built-in heat sensors, and often motion sensors as well. If no one is active in the kitchen for a manually set amount of time, the device turns off the stove. The same happens if there is a sudden increase in temperature. Ensuring that there are no further incidents and damage to your home.

Smart plugs

Stoves are intuitively associated with house fires because they can quickly heat up but bear in mind that another great source of house fires are electrical appliances. Some appliances are especially prone to electrical malfunctions because they use high amounts of power, or they use a lot of heat. House appliances are also smaller in size, which makes them even easier to overlook. Fortunately, there are smart solutions to the problem of electrical fires. Smart plugs allow users to check whether their home appliances are still turned on after they’ve left the house. Not only do they allow monitoring from the user’s cell phone, but it is also possible to cut the power off to them.

Technology-based solutions are worth implementing because they are more reliable than traditional ways of fire-prevention.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.