What You Need To Look For in Screen Capturing Technology

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Now more than ever people can benefit from screen capturing software for a number of different reasons and one of the primary drivers of this software is the increased adoption of working on your computer from home where the more applications you work with the more of a chance you run into an issue and get stuck and need some help.

From online entrepreneurs, to gamers to bloggers you can benefit from screen capture software for a number of different reasons.  You never know when an issue will be encountered that you may need to reproduce and create a recording to show the application or website support team, or you may have to provide an instruction or tutorial to someone and it is faster to simply record what you are doing on screen than to write out all instructions manually in many cases.Screenpresso - Download for PC Free

Some people underestimate how much collaboration happens throughout the day until we were quarantined in our home offices and realized that what we were missing is casual interaction, office banter and the spontaneous ad hoc meetings that look more like breakout groups and less like a conference room meeting.

Visual communication software of which screen recorders are a part of help fill this “collaboration gap” by allowing the sharing of information easy and quickly.  Almost as if you were there in person being able to show someone something looking over your shoulder.

Enter screen recording and screen capture software.

While screen capture and screen recording have always been pertinent to today’s businesses, not everyone has been taking advantage or realize they are just as relevant for home users. Just take screen capturing software, specifically, for example.

This is a software that captures clips from computers or entire videos. It is software that can be immensely beneficial for anyone. The only problem is, not everyone’s been taking advantage or knows how to best leverage screen capture software. Well, that’s changed thanks to COVID.

There are a lot of competing products in this space, so you’ll need to know what qualities to look for in that screen capture software.

Screen recording software and how it can help

Just as a little recap for those that are new to the software, screen capturing software is pretty much what the name suggests. It’s a software program that allows you to capture your screen as you work..

It’s especially convenient when you have to share a complicated idea that involves implementation on a website or downloadable software. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s especially true where you are trying to write out a description of how to do something with a computer vs. just showing someone how to do it.

It’s also a great solution when you want to create high-quality training material that has to be used over and over again. You can put a lot of time and effort into writing scripts, working out the screen order, taking out filler words and downtime — all in the pursuit of high-quality training material that can be used for tutorials, how-do video’s, support Q&A and more.

Around The Clock Support

Being able to record your screen and applications and producing those tutorials can better facilitate offering around the clock support as well.  If you need to use a screen capture for your company you may want to invest in a screen capture software that includes 24×7 support vs the freeware open source stuff which can leave you short if you need help with the software itself.

Instantly Share A Screen Capture

The right screen recording programs will make being able to share the recording much easier by allowing you to enable hotkeys to start the recording process and stop the recording process. Instead of taking your mouse cursor up to the file button and then opening a bunch more windows to start the recording process, you can simply just hit like F12 and start recording. Hit it again when you want to stop.  Or set a custom key if your F12 is bound to something else.

Editing Screen Recordings

It probably goes without saying, but you’ll also want to look for a capturing software that allows you to make edits of copies of the file that you captured. Some programs will allow you to save the files as .PNG, .GIF, or .JPEG formats, where they can then later be edited in photoshop or other image editing programs. Some capturing software programs will allow you to edit your captures utilizing a colored pen or highlighter to note specific areas. These are all things that you’ll want your capturing software to be capable of.

Once that have an editing feature set can help without having to learn a full video editing software suite just to point out or illustrate specific parts of your screen recording.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.