5 Best TutuApp Alternatives for Your iPhone, iPad

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You have been highly mistaken if you consider TutuApp store as the only source to install various apps on your iOS devices. The main reason includes unable to load listed apps entirely. That’s where TutuApp alternatives comes into the picture.

Recently, we have found some of the most exotic applications that work exactly like tutu on iOS platform. They also contain all of those ++ mods. Here are 5 best Tutuapp alternatives you should try at least once on your iOS devices.

1. vShare

Smartphone remains the best tool for downloading different applications and receiving free entertainment. If you want to have some of the premium applications that otherwise have a paid functionality, vShare is the application that you can choose to enjoy multifaceted content.

There is no copyright infraction when the applications are downloaded through vShare.

The topmost alternative for tutu comes with full on-screen instructions so that you do not make the slightest of mistakes while using apps through this. You can have gaming applications like Minecraft, COC and many others. The modified games are regularly updated to ensure a smooth functionality.

2. Tweakbox

Tweakbox is one of the most trusted application after TutuApp that helps you to join hands with third-party content that includes games and premium applications. There is absolutely zero requirement of jailbreaking your device while you download apps that you won’t find on official app store.

You need to trust the enterprise developer certificate once you install such unofficial applications. This one of the best TutuApp alternatives contains media applications, emulators, games, screen recorder and much more.

The simple application installer requires a few steps to be followed in order to download heap of useful content in your device. The application has no charges and you can easily install it without deleting any present content in the gadget. The tiny space required for installing the application is easily manageable.

3. Panda Helper

Panda helper is fundamentally a VIP application store that acts as a perfect alternative for tutu. If you have iPhone 8, X or iPhone XS or above version, you can easily install the panda helper application that has pretty much collection of games and applications for free. If you cannot find any application on iTunes or local app store in iOS, Panda helper can be your next choice after undoubtedly.

You can install free applications without any security issues or revocation. You can sideload the application store that is not found on the Apple Store with the help of Cydia Impactor. Panda helper has really been popular because of working apps it updates on a regular basis.

Using the Safari browser of your iPhone or iPad, download the panda helper application and proceed with the pop ups as the on-screen instructions. Eventually, you can check the home screen of your Apple device and there you will find the app installed.

4. Emus4U

Customized only for iOS, Emus4U application is quite different from any normal third-party application installer. It has distinguishable features that come up with simple instructions for the best workability.

The application software is particularly based on Apple configuration profile. You can install the application on any iOS device while allowing it to access permission. Once you download the configuration profile, you just need to install if from your device’s settings.

There are customized applications and games available many iOS versions. Though such app installers are available for both Android and iOS, this one can only be availed for iPhone, iPad. Download Emus4U and see what it has to offer.

5. AppValley

Currently, AppValley is on the edge of becoming strong TutuApp alternatives. Commonly available for iPhone and iPad, AppValley lets you enjoy some amazing apps without needing to jailbreak your device.

Appvalley exclusively provides tweaked applications and modded versions so that you can enjoy the whole amount of content without needing to pay the premium subscription charges. This has become a permanent choice of application for many because of its simple user-interface. One of the best parts of using AppValley application is the availability of fast downloading speed.

Final verdict,

Because of strict Apple’s security policy, such app stores are not allowed on the app store. However, this TutuApp alternatives list can easily be obtained from the internet. Have fun playing those games with premium unlocked features for free. 😊


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.