5 Common Issues with WordPress Themes and Your Hosting Company  

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Quite often, WordPress users will run into issues with the themes they are choosing to use and their hosting company. This can be frustrating and cause their website to function incorrectly. Luckily, these problems are common so there are plenty of fixes for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that WordPress users experience when it comes to themes and hosting companies.

Loading Blank Blog Pages

If your blog is loading a blank page, this could be the problem. Sometimes a corrupted theme will show up as a blank page. This white screen usually appears if you chose to move your blog from one host to another. The theme can become corrupted during this process. It’s a common issue due to the different hosting providers you might be switching between. Luckily, it’s easy to fix in most cases. The quickest way to fix this issue is to simply go back to the default WordPress theme. Once your theme is set to a default theme, you should be able to see all of the pages on your WordPress site.

The final step is to switch back to whichever theme you had chosen before. This should work so that you can work on the theme you originally wanted on WordPress.

If the first solution doesn’t work, go to wp-config.php. From there, try enabling WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG. By doing this, you can likely trace the issue back to a particular place in WordPress, such as themes or plugins. Once the results from WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG come back, you may need a site admin to help you figure out what the problem is.

Inability to Load Themes

If you are attempting to install a theme and you’re getting error messages, this is likely being caused by a hosting problem. These messages will vary, but they will say something along the lines of “download failed’ or “installation failed”. Some even suggest checking configuration settings, which you might want to try.

These messages usually appear after you select “add new” and “install” under themes. From here, you might try using a different theme. There’s no need to try installing more than a couple of them, so don’t waste your time attempting to install every theme available.

Some of the common problems with hosting companies that can appear in theme installation errors include cURL, firewall issues, or misconfigurations. You should check your configuration settings to ensure that they are the way you set them up.

The best thing to do at this point is to contact your hosting company to get the problem resolved. There is a wide range of small issues that could be going wrong when the themes won’t install. Your hosting company should be able to walk you through the steps you need to take.

CSS Styling Not Loading

This one is a little bit less common, but it’s still an issue that some users run into. You might have tried loading a live preview of a theme customizer. Sometimes this will appear without any CSS styling, which leaves you with a blank HTML output.

The first thing you should do is check your plugins. Disabling them might work to resolve the CSS styling issue. Another option is to go to the file wp-config.php within the installation. You can add “define (‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);

If your WordPress theme customer still isn’t loading CSS stylesheets, it could have something to do with your website’s hosting company.

It’s a good idea to start by using the above suggestions. If those don’t work, you should get in contact with your hosting company. This could be a common problem with a particular hosting company. Additionally, they can run an analysis to find a solution for you.

500 Internal Server Error

This server error will usually appear with an error message that says “HTTP ERROR 500” or something to that effect. These can be server issues, but they can also be caused by a hosting company. This error can occur at various places on a WordPress site. For some users, it has been a problem on the theme customizer.

One possible issue can be faulty plugins. This can be a result of how they were coded. There could be PHP memory problems, based upon the level of memory you have. There might be corrupted files, specifically .htaccess.

The solutions mentioned before are pretty specific fixes. If the problem is being caused by your host, you should start by getting in contact with the company. Some of the issues with themes and hosting companies are common occurrences within some companies. This can be irritating, but it also means that they should have developed a solution to the problem.

What steps you will need to take depend on the hosting company and how they choose to walk you through the process.

Storage Errors

If you have gotten an error code that says PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) while attempting to install a theme, you are likely low on storage. The server just might not have enough space to install your new theme.

The amount of storage you have is based on how much storage your WordPress hosting company has given you on your server. If you’re using too much of it in other parts of your website, you won’t be able to install the new theme.

When this error message appears, you should contact your hosting company. They will either give you guidance on how to create more space within your WordPress website. They can also help you to upgrade your storage plan. This will cost you a little bit more money, but then you won’t have to worry about continually running out of storage.

If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, the error message can sometimes be connected to the update system within WordPress. This is less common, but it occasionally occurs. In this case, you should update your themes and plugins manually.


As you can see, there are more than a few issues that can arise with WordPress themes and hosting companies. Luckily, most of them have pretty simple fixes. One good way to prevent some of these issues is by using one of the best WordPress web hosting companies. These companies are usually better at preventing these types of issues. Additionally, they offer reliable customer service so that your WordPress theme difficulties can be resolved immediately.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.