5 LED Smart Bulbs for Less than 10 Dollars

LED smart bulbs are one of the newest features to become popular in homes. Take a look at these 5 new options from Gearbest!

Creative Wireless Remote Control Smart WiFi Bulb

This smart bulb allows you to control your lights from anywhere simply by using your phone or tablet. It uses WiFi to operate and also can work with smart voice controls. On average, this bulb lasts about 36 months so that’s a lot of use before you need to worry about changing it. You can choose the color you want it to emit along with the ability to dim each of the colors for your desired brightness.


Wireless WiFi Remote Control Smart Bulb

This smart bulb works with Google Home / Amazon Echo, APP docking voice control. Like most smartbulbs, this one also can be controlled with voice commands. It also has a wide variety of colors and can be set with a timer so you can have it go on and off at scheduled times. There is a QR code in the manual so you can download the accompanying app that goes with this smart bulb. It has 7W output power so it can work in most sockets.

RGBW 16 Million Colors Rhythm Activation Call Reminder Timer

This bulb runs on Bluetooth 4.0 and has a simple app to control it.  The app works with both iOS and Android so you can control it with almost any device. There are over 16 million different lighting options and colors with this bulb so you can create the effect you want in any room. You also have the option of syncing it with your favorite music so it can create lights and colors along with the beat of songs. This bulb has the ability to sync with 10 others so you can control a lot of them with a simple app.

Lampwin WIFI Smart LED Bulb

This LED bulb works with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, which gives you a ton of control options, including using your voice. The app is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher. Along with having a wide variety of colors, it has 8 different “scenes”, which use multiple colors in one glow. Like some of the others, you can control multiple bulbs with one app so you can use these bulb to make your whole house illuminate. Each color has the ability to be dimmed or brightened to change the mood of the room.

Colorful Smart WiFi Bulb

This smart Wi-Fi bulb is supported with both Alex and Google Voice. It is a high-energy-saving LED bulb with only using 4.5W low consumption, and it’s also considered environmentally friendly. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a dim bulb, it can actually create a bright light. It’s voltage is 100 – 264V and has a variety of lighting options so your space can be customized. It has a PC shell material along with PA lamp body material. You can use this at home, in your office, or at your business. It’s a versatile bulb that can give you a lot of options for any space.

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