5 Reasons Why So Many People Still Play CS:GO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012. Since then, it remains one of the most popular games for entertaining and professional esports. Why so?

At first sight, it’s just a multiplayer shooter, where players try to kill virtual characters of each other. Is it enough for the gaming community to be stuck to one title for many years? Of course no! Gamers are quite picky and need much more to enjoy virtual adventures.

Here are 4 brilliant aspects of CS:GO, which support the huge size of the game fan base.

1. High complexity with low entry level

It’s quite easy to start playing CS:GO – just pick up a team (terrorists or counter-terrorists) and try to perform the main mission (planting/defusing the bomb, keeping/rescuing hostages). That easiness catches gamers and makes them go deeper into the game, where the high complexity comes to the scene.

  • Shooting process here is quite an art! Which weapon to choose? How to use it in the most efficient way? Beginners in CS:GO buy guns absentmindedly, picking up anything they like visually. Then, players start understanding different functionality of different firearms and practice to use them in various game situations. Advanced players are accurate in their shooting, and they can build their economic strategy in the game by buying appropriate weapons.
  • Maps in CS:GO change everything. It’s easy just run all over the place, shooting everything on the way. It’s much harder and much more effective to know good shooting positions, to understand where opponents may hide, which hidden paths you can use. Learning CS:GO maps is quite a long and rewarding process. It keeps players in the game. Adding new maps create the wave of excitement even among experienced players, and this happens regularly.
  • Deep team communications in the game are necessary to be successful. At the start of CS:GO experience, players usually run and shoot chaotically. Then, they start to coordinate their actions with other guys, play with the same team again and again, come up with tricky strategies for various maps. This process is just fascinating.

Being a strong player and being a comprehensively developed player are two different things. Often this difference can explain victory or defeat. “There are many different skills in the game, and very few gamers own them all. Communication, tactics, speed and accuracy – these are the basic vital skills ”says Andreas.

It’s important to be able to work in a team,” adds Asger. – “If you do not know how to act harmoniously with other players, all skills become useless. But if you work as one mechanism, it will become a direct road to success. And I am not talking about strictly following the strategy. Many top teams play without it at all. It is more important to communicate and play well together.

CS:GO doesn’t scare new players, it pretends to be an easy shooter. Then it slowly opens many dimensions of its complexity and many possibilities to develop your skills. This is a very attractive factor for gamers.

2. Many ways to have fun

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive consists of many modes, so players have decent chances to find something for their current mood.

  • Offline training with bots is a good way for beginners to get enough experience before multiplayer competitions. Also, it’s very relaxing CS:GO mode for most of the players. You just know – the guys around are bots, and this decreases tense in the game significantly. It’s not so important will you win or not, you can have fun and practice at the same time. Only very advanced players will find this mode boring
  • Deathmatch is a kind of warming-up, where everyone respawns immediately after death, having a new weapon to try. It’s a super-dynamic mode, where you have no time to bore.
  • Casual matchmaking doesn’t affect your CS:GO rank, but such games give you experience points and allow playing with real people.
  • Competitive matchmaking is the purest CS:GO experience possible. With highly intensive matches with the influence on the ranks.
  • War Games and Wingman are groups of modes with specific maps and unique physical conditions. It’s a way to try something new in the game, to expand your CS:GO joyfulness.

Community-made servers, maps, and modes are almost countless, so you have many possibilities to have a fun time in this game, even if you play it daily for a long period.

3. Interesting community & entertainment

In the world of CS:GO, you have a chance to distract from the real world, to refresh your mind. The community helps with this – even if other players don’t try to be polite and friendly. Toxic jokes in the chat are not rare, but when you catch the wave of these people, you understand their humor style, tra their attitude towards the game, the world around, and the life itself. Of course, CS:GO players are not the wisest people ever. But they definitely can open new dimensions in your own personality. Being a part of this community is quite an experience, and many gamers like it.

Besides, you have a great chance to see really amazing show. One of the casters’s tasks is to provide the viewer with a quality show. CS: GO is a game in which something is constantly happening, it is physically impossible to get bored in it. Exception – cases of explicit and frank domination of one of the teams. If the rivals are at least approximately equal, it will be a spectacle!

Significant progress has occurred in recent years in streaming. Companies such as ESL, SLTV, Dreamhack, PGL, Gfinity, ESEA, Faceit, Fragbite and others make a quality video that you can watch on the Internet for free. Groups of operators, directors, commentators, presenters, interviewers, etc. work on the product. In most tournaments after the matches, an analytics studio, experts who are very responsible in their work. In fact, everything is more serious than it might seem at first glance.

4. Virtual items for real money

Using CS:GO skins is also a way to express yourself in the community. These are cosmetic items, but csgo skins trading became a part of playing process that keeps players in the game.

With the advent of the gaming skins market, the popularity of CS: GO began to grow exponentially. Valve has already sold more than 25 million copies of the game and received more than 600 million dollars in profits since the presentation of the game 7 years ago, according to statistics from research company SuperData. Hundreds of sites allow players to trade skins and make bets with them.

The advantages of buying skins in specialized online stores:

  • The price of one skin is calculated taking into account the average cost of appearance on other trading platforms. The final amount is also affected by sales statistics, which allows you to find a resource on the Internet with the cheapest prices.
  • A trading system is quite conveniently implemented for the sale. It allows you to quickly put the weapon skin on sale or buy your favorite look. All these operations will take the user a few minutes.
  • As a rule, all trading platforms guarantee gamers instant payouts. After the client of the online resource has confirmed the exchange in his Steam account, the funds received as a result of the sale will be sent to him. The successful completion of the transaction and sending money will be notified.
  • Services are constantly improving the quality of services provided, and users can contact the support service, which will answer any of their questions.

5. The competitive spirit

Esports is multifaceted. For decades, people have been competing for everything: from abstruse strategies to pinball. And if some of the games (for example, FIFA or Need For Speed) are intuitively understandable, then many cyber disciplines are hard to grasp into the essence of those who have never played. Such a story took shape with DotA 2, in part this also applies to Counter-Strike.

But due to the fact that most of the events in the match are demonstrated in the first person of one of the players, it is much easier to understand the basic principles in CS: GO than in the aforementioned DotA. You just need to know a few basic facts.

CS:GO players compete in every mode, even if it’s offline practice with bots. The level of this competitiveness grows significantly while you learn the game and become more skilled – it’s so seductive to prove to others and yourself how good you are in this game.

Practice makes perfect! This is true for many aspects of our life, including gaming. The more you play, the better you become. Some players reach the sky in this process, becoming well-known Esports professionals – they demonstrate the highest level of mastery for everyone to wonder, for everyone to try and do the same. That’s a powerful motivation to play CS:GO.

The quantity of active players and impressive amounts of prize money at Esports tournaments should not be reasons to become a fan of this or any other game. Still, such things might give a motivation to try CS:GO and to make your own opinion. Then, only internal feedback can be a criterion to continue this experience or to stop it. Gaming has many layers – choose one that makes you happier.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.