How to Find Original sources of an Images

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It is not easy to use creativity and come up with something. Some professions use creativity and out of the box thinking as the core components. Photography is one of these professions. Clicking images is not like filling an online form. It is not something which you can do by following a standard set of procedures. To start with, clicking photographs is something that requires creativity and a lot of hard work. This is the reason by photographers get very hurt when their images are uploaded on free portals and other websites without their permission. This not only reduces the image standard but also has a negative impact on the quality. For instance, if other people are uploading your image on their websites, the resolution, image quality and overall impression would be spoilt. All these problems can be prevented if you are using reverse image search.

Know about original image sources

Let us go through an example to understand more. Consider that you need image of “leather jackets” and you search for a particular type on the internet. Search engine results show the same image appearing on six different websites. It is very obvious that six brands would not have produced the same product. This also means that a copyrighted image has been reused. Only the original source of the image would provide you with the best resolution. With reverse image search, you can easily get to the original image source.

Reverse Image Search

It is not hard to execute the reverse image search process. This process comprises of few simple steps. In addition to that, you do not have to install any complicated soft wares for this purpose. Reverse image search tools are mostly online and users do not need to complete any installation requirements. To determine the actual source of an image, you have to complete the steps given below.

  • If you are an Android user, it is recommended to use Google Chrome as the browser to look for images. You need to start by opening the Google Images link. Once you have opened the link, search for images that you need. For instance, if you are looking for images of a book, write the appropriate keywords in the text box.
  • When you see images being displayed on your screen, filter the one which you think is relevant. Simply open the image and keep the thumb pressed. After few seconds, you would see the option “search for Google”. When you click this option, you would see all the appearances of the image. After that, you can reach to the original source of the image. In a nutshell, by using reverse image search, you can reach the actual source of the image and give proper credit to the image creator for the hard work that he has put in.

Reverse Image Search and Copyright protection

A lot of focus, attention and concentration are put in to create a quality image. However, copying the image is an unethical act which does not require any hard work. As an image owner, you should make sure that your image is not being reused by anyone without your permission. Unfortunately, someone who has to use your image would most probably not take your permission for it. If an image is uploaded on other platforms, people may not access the original source to access it. This simply means that the original owner of the image would not get the due credit. This is where reverse image search proves to be helpful for the image owner.

  • Using reverse image search, you can check all the appearances of an image. If the image appears on five other websites apart from your own, you would know about it. This would also help you in protecting copy rights. For instance, if you see that an image which you own has been uploaded on four other domains, you can take the required action against the website. However, before anything, you should have a surety that the image has been used by someone else.

Reverse image search protect overall standard

Image owners are very particular about the quality of the image. They edit and fine tune the image in a lot of ways before it is finally uploaded. This is important so that when users download the image, the pixels are up to the mark and the resolution is not distorted. You can obviously get the best image quality if the original file from the actual source is accessed.

  • If someone is uploading your image on another website, he would obviously not have the actual file. Hence, the resolution of the image would not be up to the mark. If people end up with that low standard image, the reputation of the image would go down. Even if someone accesses the original source, he would not download it due to the negative reputation it has. Using reverse image search, you can prevent the reuse of your images and protect copy rights. Always remember that quality images require immense creativity and dedication so you should not let anyone steal them.


Almost any user who is looking for images on the internet gives priority to the quality factor. If an image is distorted or the user is not satisfied with the quality, the image creator would earn a negative reputation. This can obviously be prevented if you have used reverse image search. Using reverse image search would help you checking if anyone has used your image or not. If this is detected in a timely manner, you can surely prevent people from reusing your snapshots and ruining the hard work.

The best thing about reverse image search is the simplicity of the process and the reliability that it has. By performing few simple steps, you can check whether an image has been used by other people or not. In addition to that, you can protect the image copyrights in a timely manner.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.