5 Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2020

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Innovation in the tech industry is constant: new gadgets and software cropping up every year, and we are always asked to adapt to the changes on the market. The next decade will be no different, starting with the year 2020 – these five tech trends will gain popularity, shape our lives, enhance our lifestyle, and continue to catalyze growth in the new year:

1. From Sci-Fi to Real Life: Artificial Intelligence

Just a few years ago artificial intelligence still seemed like it belonged in a Sci-Fi movie. Now, we’ve seen many large companies begin to apply AI to their processes to enhance everyday activities.

We will continue to see growth in this sector, as more businesses follow the lead of giants like Google and Amazon and integrate artificial intelligence in their own ways. From simpler shopping experiences to Internet searching, things will become more streamlined with A.I.

2. The Internet of (Real) Things

The Internet of Things is a term that has been used for years within the tech industry, and now it’s finally carving space into our homes and everyday lives. Even if this term isn’t familiar to you, you likely participate in it without even knowing it. Do you have an Amazon Alexa in your house? What about a Google Home?

Unlike the Internet you know and love, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that describes the physical items in our lives that use the internet to create a more harmonious life. Products like the ones listed above and the some of the ones found at https://www.bazaargadgets.com/se/ will become more common as IoT continues to make its name in the modern world.

3. The Rise of the Blockchain

While blockchain isn’t brand new, its use will begin to expand far away from only cryptocurrency. With use in fields like academia, algorithm-based experiences, and company tracking, blockchain will continue to rise.

There are still many people who are unfamiliar with blockchain, but that will likely change in 2020. It will become more common and integrated into the average lifestyle.

4. Cryptocurrency: Not Just For Tech Players

When BitCoin came out, tech players finally started paying attention to the power and potential of cryptocurrency. As other crypto offerings have made their way onto the scene, transactions have become simpler, safer, and smarter.

There are many advantages to using bitcoin, including:

  • Anonymity
  • Avoiding financial intermediaries
    Tax-free purchases
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy mobile payments

These aspects are becoming more attractive to travelers, international buyers, and so many others.

While cryptocurrency used to only be for tech industry insiders, it will work its way into the mainstream space in 2020. Who knows, you may be checking out with your online shopping cart with cryptocurrency soon enough!

5. Automation as Retail’s New Best Friend

Automation and artificial intelligence have grown from small ideas into big changes. Retail cashiers have been replaced by self-checkout, and that’s just the start. Automation has already played a major hand in the production side of industry, but it will fully cross over into the consumer-facing side in 2020.

Currently, there’s still a barrier to access this kind of technology due to the high price. As the automation technology continues to improve, however, more businesses – retail especially – will use automation to enhance their systems and customer experience.

Tech: The World-Changer We Can Count On

Whether we love it or hate it, technology is becoming integrated into our daily lives every day. From home living, to retail shopping, payments, it seems like just about everything is affected. The trends above proof just that.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.