5 Ways to Spice Up Your Desktop!

Its a shame that even after decades and several innovative versions, Windows still comes short when it comes to customizing the desktop. Have no fear, though, we’ve got you covered. To be honest, these free applications from trusted sources have got you covered. Browse through our list of the top 5 software you can download and install to add new life into your desktop!

5. Ozoko Wallpapers

These aren’t just your ordinary wallpapers, these interactive wallpapers from Okozo will change the ‘feel’ of your desktop. If you’ve used an Android smartphone, then you’re probably aware of how the ‘Live Wallpapers’ work, but just to get everyone up to speed; the wallpapers aren’t stationary, instead they either move by themselves, like animations or they can be interacted with via your mouse. Want some fish to follow your pointer? No problem.

4. RocketDock

The name might be enough for this application. It basically replaces the default and, lets face it, boring taskbar, with a stylish Dock, which is quite pleasant to look at. You can easily download and customize the dock from RocketDock‘s website, using skins and icons. The Dock isn’t yet compatible with Windows 8 though.

3.  DryIcons

DryIcons is a simplistic and easy to perform method of ‘spicing’ up your desktop. You can get great sets of completely free icons for your computer, not only the desktop. You can change both the system icons and installed application icons.

2. Wallpaper Clocks

These are kind of like the Ozoko Wallpapers already mentioned, but they’re still unique enough to be separate. The Vladstudio Wallpaper clocks will transform your static desktop into a live and interesting clock. These function as both a pleasing wallpaper as well as a clock!

1. Rainmeter

You may have already heard of this one before because its just that good. Rainmeter provides a simple and easy method of completely changing the look, feel and functionality of your desktop. It is an open source software which means that its totally free to use. There are hundreds of epic user made skins and themes you can download and use for free.

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