6 Ways to Bring the Family Together Through Gaming

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Can video games bring your family together? Whether you get the Nintendo Switch in Australia or a Playstation 4 Pro in the Americas, you can’t deny that gaming is a global trend. How can you help your family bond through gaming? Let’s check out some of the top ways to build fun memories with your kids through video games.

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Just Play!

Really, it’s that simple. With so many incredible video games coming out this year, you and your family will definitely find a few that will bring hours of multigenerational fun! Besides finding age appropriate games like Nintendo’s Family Game Night 4: The Game Show or the crazy game Overcooked everyone can have fun! Mix it up. Let the kids take turns choosing which game to play. Everyone has a chance to enjoy playing their favorite games.

Game Night

Plan out a weekly Game Night. This is great for families that have super busy schedules or for parents who don’t want video gaming to become a daily addiction. For example, every Friday night pop some popcorn, order in a pizza or tacos, and plan on playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes or Knowledge is Power. You can play games like Mario Kart or Mario Tennis Aces. Opt for adventure in the Lego Games series. No matter what game you choose, emphasize having fun over winning. Laugh, win, and lose together.


Talk About It

If you have older children, take the time to talk about the game worlds that you explore. Talk about some of the moral lessons learned in the games like Disneyland Adventures and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection.

Apply these games to real life. For example, in the real world, do women always need to be rescued? Should the strongest and most violent people win? Would there be consequences if you stole items? Would there ever be a real zombie apocalypse? Keep the conversation light and open. Don’t condemn your kids for their questions or their observances. This is an opportunity to experience how their young minds process the virtual world around them.

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Follow, Don’t Lead

If you have young children or are a very competitive person, letting your five-year-old lead the way in a video game may give you a headache. Remember that you want to build fond memories, not necessarily conquer the level in the most efficient way.

If you get too frustrated, take a break for snacks or try Assist Mode in games like Super Mario Odyssey. If you really really want to beat the game, then play another time by yourself or with your spouse or friends. Let your kids lead the adventure.

Cooperative Games

Enjoy fun cooperative games like the LEGO Games series, Little Big Planet 3, or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. These allow for massive group play. Because of the nature of the game, any child or adult can have fun, regardless of their age. Adjust the difficulty level based on the player’s skills.

Get Up and MOVE!

Want to avoid becoming lifelong couch potatoes together? Then choose awesome games like Just Dance 2020 by Ubisoft. Move and groove to the hottest pop tunes. Shed some calories, boost your mood, and enjoy rocking with your kids.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.