7 Benefits of Choosing a Random Username for Online Forums

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Forums are various online discussion sites. People chat there in the form of posted messages. Threads represent the conversations taking place on these sites. More often than not, you shall have to choose a username before you can post your messages. The username acts as your online identity. Usernames are not only limited to the forums. Chatrooms, playing games, any other form of online interaction, all of them require such a username. Choosing a username is serious business. It sounds funny, but yes. You need to put in some thought before selecting one. People will form a perception of you through this name. This is similar to how much your clothes matter during an interview. If you’re too bad in finding a cool username then you can get help from a username generator service offered by TechWhoop. Below I will elaborate on a few benefits you get when choosing a random username for yourself in online forums.

Showing your interests

Your username can bring forward your interests in an explicit way. For example, possibly you are passionate about Brazil. You can pick some flower names, warriors, and some folk tale characters from the Amazon. This helps you to interact more with people sharing similar interests. Social media platforms work on people being comfortable around others. You always feel glad when you find someone having same opinion as you. Your username is the starting point to find your mates.

Differentiate between your personal and professional life

If you are using the forum for personal interests, enhancing social behavior is more important. In such cases, marking your interests in your username will help. The online interaction may be directed more towards building up your professional interests. As such, you must construct your name revolving around it. If you like fixing up old cars, you can base your username around your favorite engine or car manufacturer.

Create a memorable impression

You can use compound interests joined together in a single username. Add your favorite things. Foods, celebrities, sports teams, movies, any of it will work. Be as creative as you can. You should understand this. More unique the username is, it grabs more of the attention. It will help in showcasing your personality to a far greater detail. This again moves on to create a lasting impression. 

Finding people around you

Sometimes, some of the websites cater to bring people in similar locality, closer. In such forums, you can use a username that contains your school mascot. You can also use your town name, or any other thing relatively close to you. Be careful though, regarding the Internet predators. As such, you should not be too specific in your username. This will allow for pinpointing your location, and that is undesirable. As an example, consider “SweetTexarkanaHighDinosaurGirl91”. It seems innocent, but after looking for long, you can decipher it to an extent. A girl born in 1991 probably, is a high school student in Texarkana.

Language barriers crossed

There is no limitation that your username should be in your language itself. Other languages may interest you to. You may want to put “Writer” as your username, which is not currently available. French may fascinate you, and so you use its equivalent “Ecrivain”. Not only does this portray your fascination, but also shows your respect towards other nations.

Bring out the creative element in you

Use symbols to simulate certain letters. The gaming environment uses a lot of these. This is known as “leet speak”. You can use the number “7” instead of “T”, or “3” instead of “E”. There are several such combinations. Not only do they serve purpose, in case usernames are already taken. They also help to showcase your creativity. Nevertheless a different portraying style creates a finer expression on your audience. You should prefer not using your birth year at the end, which easily notifies of your age.

Maintain anonymity

Security is a big concern when you involve in such forums. Not all of your opinions will be respected by people. Differences may always create. Henceforth, you do not want people coming after you with all your bio-data displayed. Random usernames help you in this. Keeping your privacy is a necessary issue. Try to build up a name which is easy for you to remember. But it should be hard for others to associate you with that name. Your seldom used middle name is an option. To enhance it, try spelling it backwards.

Well, the above reasons hopefully clarifies the necessity to having a good random name. Online forums portray your attitude towards things, subjects being discussed there. You always want to start off well, to showcase your opinions properly. Remember, your username is what you are.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.