A Guide On How to Play Zyra as Support

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We all have been here, needing help at some point for a specific hero in the League of Legends. Today it is Zyra and we will help you master playing with this hero as support. Keep in mind that before moving here, you may want to learn all about Zyra counters. Anyway, let’s begin with the main topic.

Main abilities of Zyra and when you need to use them

Zyra is a powerful hero offering many different abilities and many of them are extremely powerful. However, in order to get the best results, you have to use them at a specific time. All of that will be explained below.

Garden of Thorns

Zyra can use Garden of Thorns skill to plant seeds that will kill the opponents. All you have to do is to stand next to the buds and wait for the opponent to attack you. When he or she is close, activate the seeds and you are done, or better said the opponent is done.

Deadly Spines

Deadly Spines will start as vines and they will spread and attack or inflict damage to the opponents. In order to get the best effect, make sure to use this while attacking and make sure to activate it when surrounded by enemies.

Rampant Growth

Rampant Growth is another skill that is used for attacking and also for defense. This ability allows you to create plants around you that need 60 seconds to grow. Once they are tall, they will protect you and attack the enemies. The skill should be used while attacking or while spawning.


What this ability does is summons twisted thicket regardless of the location. When you summon it, they will cause damage to all surrounding units, obviously your opponents. The ability should be used when surrounded by plans, while surrounded by enemies and also while performing team battles. It is a must.

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Zyra: The Build

The build is basically a combination of skills and elements you can use while fighting. There are tons of them, but the best ones are explained right here.

  • Zhonya’s Hourglass- Use it when you are seriously injured and when you need help or your hero will perish.
  • Eye of the Watchers- A powerful addition that gives your character all kinds of benefits and additional capabilities.
  • Void Staff- It will ignore, literally over 40% of magic resistance.
  • Sorcerer’s shoes- Speeds up the movement speed and also allows better magic penetration.

How to play with Zyra as support

Zyra is a common choice for many gamers simply because it is a very powerful character, it offers excellent capabilities and it is fun to play with. Add powerful seeds you can use and you can get a clear idea. There are a few questions we must answer in order for you to get a better idea about how to play Zyra as support.

The first one is should you ignite or exhaust? The answer depends on the opponent you are dealing with. Exhaust is more preferable and more commonly used due to the combo of this character. Don’t forget that ignite should be used versus soraka and blitzcrank.


We have explained all the specifics and all the details you need to know. Play clever and make sure to use all the abilities of Zyra and as often as possible to get the most success. Don’t forget that you can also make your hero more suitable for your gaming style by adding skills and abilities you are fond of. Zyra has a high damage count making it one of the best in the game.

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