A Quick Guide to Playing Kingdom New Land

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The video gaming world has gone to another level ever since social media, network gaming, and online platforms such as Stream have become popular. International video gaming Olympics with hefty price money are also the latest trend. Something that was once looked down upon as a waste of time and energy is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Strategy games have been increasingly popular among gaming enthusiasts for the adrenaline, excitement and ability to control the situation that no other genre offers.

Steam is one of the most popular network gaming platforms for PC gamers. There are quite a few popular strategy games on Stream, but Kingdom New Land happens to be a popular favorite. Kingdom New Land is the second sequel of the Kingdom series. The game is now available for different operating systems and consoles.

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Although there have been many sequels released following the Kingdom New Land, it is still very popular on the Steam platform. Since a lot of gamers, especially newbies find it increasingly challenging and at times frustrating when they are stuck at a level and fail to proceed to the next step. This also happens because the game is designed such that it leaves a lot on the gamers to figure out. However, your gaming experience can become a lot easier if you can use a few tips and hacks to move your way forward. This Kingdom New Lands Guide will help you to understand the game better and improve your gaming experience.

The Plot and Concept

 In order to crack this game successfully, it is important that you get a grip on the basic concept of the game’s plot. The basic storyline is similar to its prequel, where a king has to build and expand his dynasty. The king sails on a ship to each of the five islands in each level and captures the island. In the process, he has to fight several monsters who attack him in different ways to deter him from completing his mission.

The game’s thrill level is enhanced by adding different events, achievements, and trophies to keep the players hooked.

The game revolves around earning and losing coins, which means coins are a decisive element in the game. The game runs in day and night modes where nights are used to protect your dynasty from enemy attacks. The enemy steals your crown if you run out of coins.

The RoadMap

As a player, you begin your journey on Island 1, which is the easiest of all islands to conquer. As soon as you enter the Island, locate all the portals and build a defense against the portals. These portals open up in the night and act as a gateway for your enemies to slip into your kingdom. Since building a defense such as recruiting souls, archers and buying weapons etc cost money, make sure you spend wisely.

When upgrading your residence, make sure you have expand cultivation area and hall area so that you have more rabbit spawns, grass and capacity to accommodate more knights. Larger rabbit spawns and grasslands will earn you more money which you can spend to enhance your strength. Eventually, your aim should be to destroy the portals so that the enemies can be blocked out. Once the portals are taken care of, aim to kill the ghouls. The island will be you

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Tips and Hacks

The basic idea remains the same throughout the game that is destroying portals, killing ghouls, expanding your kingdom and protecting it from enemies. However, the difficulty level will keep on increasing as you proceed to the subsequent islands. You can enhance your gaming experience by trying these tips and hacks.

  • For starters, you need to understand that the nights are dangerous and you are more vulnerable at night. Therefore start your tasks earlier in the day so that you can finish before the dark. You would not want to put your resources at risk in the dark.
  • Do not shy away from exploring. The more you wander around and the more you explore, you are more likely to find treasure chests. These treasure chests can play a significant role in funding your growth and expansion plans along with strengthening your defense line. Therefore, make sure you do look around and grab as many treasures as you can.
  • Spend your gold wisely. It is easy to get lured into buying a lot of unnecessary stuff one you have earned gold. However, it is very crucial to prioritize your spending. Your archers and walls are very critical in attacking the enemies and defending you from counter-attacks. You cannot rely on one or a handful of archers to deal with the nasty enemies. Therefore, make sure you have enough funds backed up to recruit archers and build walls.
  • Camps are important to retain and increase your population. Make sure your trees are not destroyed especially the ones near the camps or else your population can decline. If you want more population growth, you can also do so by paying lost souls some coins.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.