AI in Casinos Helps Boost Security

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Technological progress has been reigning supreme across all industries known to man in the 21st century. There is little surprise then that casinos should be one of the areas that is also positively affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Security in places like Atlantic City in New Jersey, Las Vegas in Nevada and Macau has been tightened with the help of clever automated algorithms that can parse and sift through vast swathes of data to produce quick results no human can match.

Computers have been able to help casinos improve their overall security and limit unwanted situations both online and in brick-and-mortar gaming avenues. Here are couple of examples of how the use of technology improves security standards across the board for iGaming operators and their physical counterparts.

Facial Recognition – Omniscient Surveillance

If in the past you would need to hire an army of security experts to stare at cameras painstakingly and try to find out something amiss, whether that’s a suspicious individual, an intruder, or just someone who knows how to cheat their way through a game of blackjack. Today the process has been automated thanks to facial recognition software. The software is already quite popular in places like Las Vegas, but it’s also taking root in other gaming huts.

Macau-based Melco Crown casinos install facial recognition software. Credit: GGRAsia

Facial recognition solutions are capable to work on their own, alerting human reviewers about aberrations in a pre-determined pattern. For example, Macau’s Melco Crown casinos and other brands in the territory use facial recognition to keep staff from attending casinos in out-of-work hours. This comes after new legislative changes that bar casino employees from entering casinos at certain hours.

In other cases, facial recognition can quickly spot someone who is known to be either a problem gambler or for example an individual who needs to be removed from the property. Facial recognition today has no trouble in finding the people it’s interested in quicker than a person can cross the room.

Preventing Gambling Addiction, AI Is Changing Online Casinos

One great application of AI is in detecting signs of gambling addiction online. Many iGaming operators are now making a shift to deploy this smart technology to help them flag erratic gaming patterns that often come along with high sums of money being wagered.

Instead of leaving things to chance, the best online casino USA sites prefer to use software that helps them analyze players’ behavior to the point where problem gamblers are regularly spotted, and the necessary steps are taken to help them avoid financial ruin often associated with real money casinos.

AI is still not too vastly deployed when it comes to fighting gambling addiction, but as the standards to protect customers from harm are constantly rising, so are iGaming operators more inclined to cough up extra money to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to safeguard customers.

Don’t Ever Try to Cheat the AI

Believe it or not, AI is now deployed to survey casino floors with one very specific purpose in mind – catch out cheaters. Understandably, there is a little more to this as well. Using surveillance to settle disputes at tables is immensely helpful, but AI may take things a little further along.

A SNAPvision technology-based solution known as Game Outcome can actually monitor individual games and determine the exact outcome of each dealt card in games such as poker, baccarat and blackjack. The technology recognizes separate hands and their value and can anticipate specific outcomes.

In a word, with automated AI solutions, you my never again have to argue with a pit boss. The technology developed by California-based Brainchip can easily be deployed to online live casinos, which are also quite popular and allow you to enjoy an immersive casino setting while at home.

AI Will Guarantee Better Customer Protection

It’s not just about solving problem gambling issues. AI can improve your overall stay at a casino in various ways. Let’s start simple – the AI can recognize the games you enjoy the most and build a tailored algorithm that will only show you the types of products that have the highest entertainment value in your individual case.

With this being said, we can expect Artificial Intelligence to truly step up the user experience to the next level. It has been long rumoured that personalized iGaming solutions will dictate the progress of the entire industry, but leveraging the immense power of technology is finally leading to tailored solutions.

This means that every time you scroll through a casino, you will only get products that will bring you genuine joy. The AI will be smart enough to keep you away from something that is too addictive in your own case. In addition, an AI can also alert you to the dangers of extending your stay beyond what is considered reasonable giving your playing budget and actual finances.

For example, it has been proven that the noisy and color-rich style of many casino games actually encourage riskier play styles, but the AI can be told to tone down such products if it suspects that the player is more prone to reckless gambling behavior.

The AI Will Pave the Way for an Industry

Changes are already afoot and there seems little we can do to stop it. Overall, the advance of smart and automated software solutions will have a great potential to take the industry up to a level where issues such as reckless gambling behavior is a thing of the past. Ceding too much control to AI can still send chills down your spines, but the results are quite easy to see – and they are all good.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.