Analogy between Blogging and Life

Have you ever wondered how similar blogging is to life? Not philosophically but biologically. Here’s some food for your blogging thoughts.

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Stripping down the secondary details, essentially blogging is creating content which you share with others via the internet. The content you create is of necessity derived from your thoughts, however momentary they might have been. Thoughts in turn result from thought-inducing events which provide you with information leading you to think. Going back to the content you generate, it is also information which leads others to think. Thus continues the cycle of information generation and transfer.

  • So, the chain of events is: Information —> Thoughts —> Blog Content (Information)

When we consider the biological nature of life, the essential unit of life is a living cell which metabolizes and multiplies. Cells in turn are created based on the units of Genetic material, commonly referred to as DNA or RNA. DNA or RNA is used as a template for creating the bio-chemical structure of living cells, usually within the body or a separated portion of the body of a previous living organism called the parent. The cells created from the Genetic material then multiply creating a whole new organism of the species! Within the living cells, DNA and RNA get multiplied, and lead to the creation of new cells and organisms. Thus continues the cycle of life creation and multiplication.

  • So, the chain of events in this case is: Living Cells —> Genetic Material —> Living Cells

Aren’t the two cycles eerily similar? These similarities can be used to understand how you can make your blogs better. Just like you need a parent (well two technically!) to create and nurture you, your blog needs you to collect new information and think about it before adding content in order to thrive and provide useful information to your blog’s readers! Without useful information your blog is like a fossilized living organism which worthless. (Well unless you can find a useful analogy to petroleum and coal!)

Let us know what you think about this analogy between blogging and life!

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