Anbero Bluetooth Transmitter for TV Review

This is the review of the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter which is a device that offers Bluetooth support to anything that outputs to a 3.5mm headphone jack.  What this device is designed for is to give Bluetooth support to televisions where there is a headset jack but you don’t want a corded headset running across the room.  So in my testing I focused on using it for this purpose and pairing the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter with a few different headsets so that I could try listening to my VISIO TV with various Bluetooth headsets.

You do need to charge the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter and it is charged by MicroUSB.  Once charged you just use the included 3.5mm plug and plug one end into the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter and the other end into the Television or device you want to transmit audio from.  Then you switch the device on, and when you do it goes into pairing mode automatically.

Now this is where I found the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter to be unreliable, it is supposed to automatically detect any Bluetooth device that is in pairing mode and negotiate a connection with that device automatically.  I found this was extremely difficult to reliably get working and out of 3 different headsets I tried with it, only 1 headset actually successfully auto-negotiated a connection and worked just fine.  When I shut both devices off and turned them on, it had to try to auto-negotiate a connection again and was not successful 2 out of 3 times, so I ended up having to switch both devices off and on many times in order to get them to sync properly and negotiate Bluetooth connections.  The Anbero device has a long pause in attempting to bind the connection, it tries for a really long time and sometimes the Bluetooth device itself quits waiting on it, or they get stuck that they missed the pairing window or whatnot, either way this was very annoying and if it paired better, or used some sort of app or method where you can manually configure pairing it would have improved my rating for the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter.

The second is the on/off switch I found to be very “sticky” and hard to slide back and forth, it took considerable effort with my thumb to switch the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter between on and off positions.  When I did get the pairing working successfully which literally took like 10 attempts and 15 minutes it worked fine, but the moment you turn the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter off it doesn’t remember device and has to negotiate pairing all over again which can be hit or miss as I have said.

I am going to have to rate the Anbero Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter as only a 2 star product due to the limitations and difficulties with pairing and with the switch being very difficult to turn on and off with a single thumbnail or thumb.  When I did get it to pair successfully it did a good job of transmitting the audio, though there was a slightly noticeable latency between voice and screen to where actors mouths seemed a little dubbed because of the slight MS delay in audio going across wirelessly, but this is fairly common with Bluetooth devices from testing ones with TV’s and had this been the only issue the device would have rated higher.


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