Anbero Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

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I had reviewed a very similar model FM Transmitter before but the Anbero Bluetooth FM Transmitter really is one of the best FM Transmitters out there on the market for cars, the 2 USB ports are a huge plus and it has the full range of FM band so you can always find a blank station to set and have your audio beam through your car speakers.  This device plugs into your car power outlet (cigarette lighter) and you get 2 USB ports for charging mobile devices, plus it is a Bluetooth device that can connect to your car Stereo system via hijacking an FM station.  The M button will switch the device between Bluetooth and manual AUX jack mode for output to the car speakers.


What I really like about the Anbero Bluetooth FM Transmitter is how easy it is to just setup and select a station.  You simply press the CH button, then use the left or right arrows to move up and down through stations.  Once a station is set, it will remember your station even if you pull out the transmitter and kill its power.



The central multi-function button/wheel will adjust volume and sound up and down as well as disable the pairing or put the device in pairing mode if you need to re-pair it to another device.

The only cons that this Bluetooth FM Transmitter has that the previous version of this model had is that the volume is too low, and turning the dial to max on the Anbero FM Transmitter isn’t really that loud, you have to turn the volume very loud on the car radio, and then when you shut off the transmitter the volume on the regular FM radio or satellite can be so loud it can damage your speakers.


I don’t know if the audio volume is a limitation of the device or what, but the volume being very low by default and needing to turn the speaker volume higher on the car (maxed out on Anbero device doesn’t really do much) seems like a minor issue.  Example, if I am listening to a radio station or my Sirius XM music at a nice loud volume, but then I switch over to the Anbero FM Transmitter, the volume of the streaming audio from my iPhone 6 with Spotify is dramatically lower even with my iPhone volume switch maxed out and the Anbero FM Transmitter maxed out on 30, I have to still turn up my radio volume very high to reach the same sound level I was at when I was just listening to the Radio.


The other thing is that when using a Bluetooth headset, again not sure if it is an Anbero issue, the moment I walk in the car the Anbero will steal the Bluetooth connection from my headset I am on, it seems to take priority or preference as a Bluetooth device and I am not sure if this is something specific, but I noticed none of my Bluetooth headsets will steal priority connection away from the Anbero FM Transmitter if I turn them on after it is paired with the Anbero transmitter.

Other than those two minor items, I use this almost every day in my car which doesn’t have Bluetooth and the AUX port is all the way in the glove compartment so I can’t really use the AUX cable from my phone, I have to pair it via Bluetooth.

Disclaimer: Anbero sent me a coupon to order the product at a discount to do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.